The Long Awaited Novella

Hello Gnome-ites! At long last, here it is. The long awaited, wildly overdue update. With everything that’s gone on over the last few months, it’s going to be a little longer. I’d suggest some tea? I’ll wait.

*elevator music*


All set? Ok!


Chapter 1.

September was pretty nifty. Biggest started Grade 1, and he was lucky enough to get one of his kindergarten teachers for a second year in a row. I started my business degree with a good friend of mine. Her kiddo goes to school with Biggest. It’s really wonderful having a study buddy. We both have Gnomes of varying ages, and not a lot of time to attend class, so both of us took it upon ourselves to start it via distance learning. You know what else happened in September? My first half marathon! It’s a bit of a story, actually. We registered for Beat the Blerch, which was just outside of Seattle. As it happens, it was our first trip out of the country too!  Unfortunately, she had also registered for a 10k later in the month that (horrifying but true) got rescheduled for the day after our half. And us being the type of us that we happen to be… decided to register me too, and go anyway. Seattle was amazing, and the race was a blast. We travelled back to Canada after the race, and made it home in time for dinner. Pasta has never tasted so amazing as it did that day. Then we were off the next morning to our 10k. In retrospect, I really don’t know what we were thinking, but nonetheless, we made it through both races. We finished the half in 2hrs and 27min, and we finished the 10k in 1hr and 8min. The 10k was the most surprising, as we were only a few minutes off our seasonal best despite the exhaustion of the previous day. We now refer to it as the Gauntlet. It seemed appropriate.


Chapter 2.

October was… October. I completed my first midterm in 12 years, which was terrifying. And we ran one more 10k, in Star Trek uniforms. It seemed logical to do it as Red Shirts, since we felt as though we were probably going to die at the end. (For those of you who aren’t avid Trekkies like myself, anyone appearing in a red shirt in an episode of Star Trek usually ends up dead by the end.) We didn’t do much running between the Gauntlet and this race, it took a lot out of us. Furthermore, my sister got a flu a couple of days before the last race, so we downgraded it from a second half to a 10k. It was a good thing too, because she wasn’t sure she was going to survive it and frankly, neither was I.


Chapter 3.

November and December were insanity reincarnate. Between finals, and Christmas rushes, and school concerts, and visiting… it was just crazy. Both Gnomes were thrilled though, because Auntie W and Uncle T stayed with us for a couple of weeks, and they’re always a fun time. Our big gift at Christmas this year was a Nintendo Switch. Mr. Handler made it into a treasure hunt for us, so the Gnomes and I went hunting around the house following clues. Christmas night was one of the best ones I’ve had in years. We stayed in our jammies, and had our neighbour over for the Doctor Who Christmas special. We ended up having turkey and roast beast (she provided turkey, we provided roast beast). The only thing better than turkey or roast beast on Christmas night is having both. True story. And Boxing Day I got the worst flu I’ve had since I was pregnant with Littlest. It was brutal, took me down for the count for a full two weeks. As a result, New Year’s Eve ended up as a date night, so we played board games until midnight. For some reason, this year the block next to us had an insane amount of fireworks, so we had about a 20 minute show!


Chapter 4.

New classes started this semester. I almost wet myself. A lot to do, not much time to do it in… SO MANY DEADLINES. WHY YOU CRUEL UNIVERSE??? (I’m better now.)


Chapter 5.

February had midterms. That’s all I really remember. It’s kind of all blurring together. I do recall an insanity plea. Or maybe I thought about an insanity plea. It’s hard to tell. What I do know for sure is that I finished 2 term projects, 1 assignment, 1 graded discussion, and 2 midterms in a week and a half. The second midterm I hadn’t read the chapters until the night before. I don’t really know what I was thinking, but I read my proverbial brains out until 2:30am the morning of the exam. Still got approximately 87% on the thing, but yikes. Note to self: DO NOT STUDY THE NIGHT BEFORE. These courses have actually been interesting, but I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to the teacher’s style, and I’ve had to work really hard to carve out time for everything. Biggest got a loose tooth though! His first, and I feel like he’s getting too big now. Going to school didn’t do it, having a loose tooth did. Where is my baby???? Also, Littlest turned 5 and is now registered for kindergarten. *fwwwwwwwpppp* Oh, there went the last of my sanity.


Chapter 6.

This is the up to date chapter!!! Biggest lost his tooth yesterday and I tried not to cry. I did the tooth fairy thing, which he cleverly grinned at me and said that tooth fairies don’t leave notes, so it must have been me because his friend told him so. Dammit. Also, it was necessary to leave the note. The tooth fairy almost got into an 8 car pile up with a fire truck at the foot of the bed in the dark, so the tooth fairy collective simply had to inform him that working conditions were a little lacking in his room, and that there were union codes for these sorts of things.


And that is that folks! My almost year in a large nutshell.

Thanks for your patience!

Mrs. Handler.


A Collection of Summer Stories.

As told between writing notes and vacuuming whilst also doing dishes and reading. And maybe doing a fractal with my sister.**

**While I’d like to digress into a multiphase explanation of what fractals are, both in a video game and in a scientific manner, I will refrain for your sanity. We’ll be here all night.


Once upon a time… there was a Littlest. Littlest was trying to be big, but didn’t really know how to use his words to convey his distaste. One day, whilst walking with his Handler, Littlest started discussing what happened when he got called L. According to Littlest, he didn’t like being called L. Even worse, he didn’t like being called LL. So, on this walk, Littlest decided to convey this to his companion.

Handler, said Littlest. LL is a MEAN boy. I am Littlest. Littlest is a NICE boy.

Well, said Handler, why is that? Is that because you don’t like being LL? You’d rather be called Littlest?

Littlest sighed, and didn’t say anything for a moment. Then, quietly, almost to himself, he said, I don’t like LL, maybe one day I’ll call Biggest BB, and that’ll show him. We’ll see how he likes being BB…


Once upon a time… there was a Biggest. Biggest loved his Handler. Biggest also loved his little brother, Littlest. One day, Biggest decided to treat Littlest to the snack cupboard. Handler had agreed they could each have one granola bar out of the snack cupboard, so why not a few more things? Even better, Handler was having a shower, so he didn’t even have to ask! Unluckily for Biggest, Handler hadn’t yet gotten in the shower, and so Biggest’s hoarse whisper to Littlest was noted by Handler as needing investigating.

Handler went into Littlest’s room. Alas, to her surprise and secret hilarity, four granola bars were slotted neatly in a row, each bearing exactly one bite, on the top of Littlest’s dresser. She snickered to herself, and removed them from the room. Next she entered Biggest’s room.

Biggest, Handler asked, where are your extra granola bars?

Biggest, innocently, said he didn’t have any, just the one Handler had given him. Now, Handler knew that Biggest’s usual sharing ratio was at least 60/40 in his favour, so she asked again.

Biggest, where are your extra granola bars?

Sighing, Biggest reached under his bed, and pulled out 6 granola bars.

Handler giggled to herself. It was a good show Biggest!


Once upon a time, there was a Handler. Handler had troubles getting out of bed in the morning, as every handler does. On this particular day, Handler had to immediately start washing dishes. Shortly, the sound of plates brought Biggest out of bed. Biggest started bringing Handler dishes unasked, and Handler was delighted. Next, the sound of the two of them brought Littlest out of bed. Littlest, not wanting to miss out, requested to assist. Soon it was decided that Biggest would dry, Handler would wash, and Littlest would stack, in preparation of putting the dishes away. After 45 minutes, Handler had space for coffee, which Biggest happily made. Shortly thereafter, the two went off to play, and Handler was left feeling grateful for the unexpectedly responsible surprise.




We’ve had a great summer. It’s been busy. So busy. Biggest can now ride his bike without training wheels, and has settled into grade one without missing a beat. We were fortunate enough to have one of our kindergarten teachers again this year.

I swear both boys have grown at least 8 feet.

Mr. Handler and I got to spend a whole weekend alone together, as Biggest and Littlest went out of town for the long weekend with their aunt, uncle and cousin.

On another front, I’ve discovered by sheer accident, that both Biggest and Littlest view housework as a social thing, and therefore we incur almost no whining when it comes time to clean up. With the exception of bedrooms, really. Nothing makes those better.

My first half marathon is this weekend and I’m terrified. Excited, but terrified. By sheer nonsensical circumstances, my sister and I are running back to back races. Another of our 10km races was rescheduled to the day after, so I may or may not be unable to bend next week. We’ll see.

I’ve started the first part of my journey to a marketing degree. I’m taking a single course, distance learning, to wet my feet. I’m already in love. One of my kindergarten mommy friends is taking it with me, and I’m increasingly grateful for a buddy system.

My schedule has changed to allow for less extraneous care after school, and with it comes a 5am wakeup call. Every morning. I don’t know how I feel about that yet, but it’s hard to feel when your eyeballs slam shut at noon. True story.

Sadly, I have lost most of my plants due to the intense heat we’ve had here. It wouldn’t really have been a problem, but we had to remove containers off the deck and into the house for nearly three weeks while they painted the exterior of our building, and they just couldn’t cope once they went back out. At long last my tomato has flowered (it was one of the survivors), but I’m holding my breath, since cooler weather is supposedly around the corner. I’ll just have to wait it out!

I splurged and bought the boys kids’ sized Blundstones. I really could wax poetic about them all day, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I have yet to meet a better quality shoe that’s rugged enough to take all the walking we do. And they have the added benefit of being adorable in miniature. Miniature is relative though, since Biggest is in a size 1 now. WHAT THE HECK???

And that’s pretty much it. There’s more little stories, but you’d be here for 2 months minimum.


I hope your summer was full of laughter, sunshine, popsicles and stories. Ours was!!

The Handler.


Holy cow people, I made it through Kindergarten. Can you believe it?? I mean, I realise that technically Biggest made it through Kindergarten (yay Biggest!) but… I feel a bit like I graduated too. I should also note that it is surreal to have a child going in to Grade 1. How do these things happen anyway??? Wasn’t he just sleeping on my chest yesterday??? I digress. Without further ado, FIVE things I learned in kindergarten. (see below)

#1: Kindergarten teachers are the real life version of Guardians of the Galaxy. If not for our two fabulous Madames, I have NO idea how I would have lived through the first month of drop offs, never mind the rest of them. There was a point in that first month where I had to peel Biggest off my leg and walk away. Not going to lie, I went and drowned my sorrows in extra whipped cream on my mocha after that one. Now, of course, Biggest barely bats an eye when he marches in to class. Really, my gratitude knows no bounds. It takes a special person to deal with kids after they get peeled off legs and still come out living at the end of the day.

#2: Being prepared ahead of time is how sanity is maintained. I didn’t get this part until the beginning of June, so I’m not actually sure how sane I still am. However, as of now, lunches for anything are made the night before. Let’s face it, wrangling tired Gnomes is so much easier when all you have to do is get dressed and eat breakfast, as opposed to making lunches, getting dressed, eating breakfast, cleaning lunch bags, packing backpacks, washing water bottles, and remembering to sign the form that came home two days ago.

#3: Trying to buy supplies for more than one year doesn’t work. I thought I was being smart by buying a bigger backpack that wasn’t a fox. Same with almost everything else. I was wrong. The backpack was bigger when it was full than I expected. It didn’t sit as well as I expected. It’s ripped and torn, so it didn’t last any longer than a smaller one would have. So, basically the only thing it did was net me several extra requests to adjust and/or carry it. And I still have to buy another one next year. The one investment that did actually work out was a really high quality lunch bag that still doesn’t look worn on the outside.

#4: 10 minutes doesn’t ruin a morning. Getting out the door was my least favourite part of this whole year. We had very little issues the rest of the morning, but once we got to putting shoes on, I was pulling my hair out every time. (see figure 1) I did have better luck with loot, but sometimes… shoes still didn’t go on nicely. However, my sister called me once on my way to school (after I’d wrangled, pushed, shoved and hog-tied my way out the door AGAIN), and after I’d explained my irritation with the morning… she observed that it was only 10 minutes of my morning. Admittedly it felt a lot more like 1000 years, but she was right. It was only ten minutes. Since then, I’ve still had to wrangle, push, shove and hog-tie, but once we get out the door… we’re all pretty settled.

Figure 1.

Kindergarten drop off

#5: At the end of the day… We’re still alive! It’s been pretty crazy, as you can tell from my non-existent posting schedule. But, despite all the insanity (training runs, pick ups, drop offs, appointments, lunches, regular household maintenance, and hog-tying)… We are still alive at the end of the day. Even if we are lacking brain waves by the end of it. (see figure 2)

Figure 2.

end of the day

Farewell! (Au Revoir)

Mrs. Handler


Ever wring out a washcloth and you know it’s still got water in it, but you can’t get any more out? That is how my life feels right now. It’s very very very full. I have finally acknowledged that I have some significant longstanding anxiety issues. And since I’m taking steps to mitigate some of the anxiety, I feel like I am content with life being that full. But. There are some times where I seriously wish for silence.

Silence is something that is easily taken for granted, because it’s one of those “void” things. Oddly enough, it’s like a white noise. You don’t really notice until it’s gone. Of course there’s different kinds of silence, like the silence that descends when your child has gone hunting in the lunch cupboard when you’re not looking. And the silence of the power going out. And the silence of the air just before a storm hits in full force. And the silence of a calm moment with no distractions or obligations.

That last silence is something I look for. It’s rare.

Sometimes, in a wildly contradictory sense, I find it when loud music is playing. (AC/DC anyone?)

Sometimes I find it when we squeeze in 5 minutes for a book before school, and the timer’s counting down so I don’t have to keep track. (Thank you, whoever made timers.)

Sometimes I find it when I’m doing a task that’s methodical, like chopping carrots, or watering plants, or scrubbing a toilet (Ok, the last one’s a bit of a stretch… but…).

Sometimes I find it when I’m laying down for a nap (which, if it weren’t for the bliss of a restful sleep, would be quite annoying, because you really only have it for a second before you’re out and drooling).

Sometimes, I find it when there’s nothing left to do but laugh. (For instance, when Littlest tried to tell me that it was Biggest’s fault and Biggest wasn’t home.)

And sometimes I find it when I can’t laugh, but my mind chuckles anyway (like when I told Biggest to watch where he was going and he refused and rode straight into a bush. Freaking hilarious but he would have been devastated if I’d so much as chuckled.).

And, without a single doubt, I find it every single time I run. (It’s doubly delightful if I run long enough to get tomato face. Tomato face means you did a great job.)

Truth be told, I think that a soul finds silence when it finds something to delight in.

And with that, I have to go to sleep. Silence is waiting, and with that little piece, I can get up tomorrow to start it all again.


Mrs. Handler.

Solo Ab Flies Again (And other stories.)

It is once again a much-later-than-intended update. I’ve been planning to write one for at least the last three weeks. On the plus side, with my life as busy as it seems to stay, I have a gazillion and one stories for the telling.

Littlest has become quite the personality. Today he picked an entire bouquet of dandelions, and promptly called them “people flowers”. He picked enough to name each one after a family member. It turns out that we have a lot of family. (It should be noted that I suspect that he figured out a way to pick as many as he could by naming them after people he could give them to.) He also gave one to a random stranger, who seemed delighted with the slightly hand-squashed partially ragged dandelion that was offered. (Thank heavens or that would have been a tough explanation on my part!) He’s also discovered the world of bugs. We switched our daycare drop off time to a less horrifying hour, so now he and I have a full half an hour to pick up 48 wood bugs and rescue 69 worms instead of racing for the bus. He’s fearless. On another end, I was waiting to pick up Biggest a week and a half ago, and Littlest loudly (and cheekily) asked me why I didn’t have a penis. The waiting area was FULL.

With that subject on the go, Biggest’s school started sex ed this month. It’s actually better than I expected. Part of me was dreading what he’d come home from school talking about. But they did take into consideration that it was 5 year olds they were talking to. One parent mentioned that their child had been taught how to refrain from giggling at words so they now say “That’s VERY interesting. *smirk*”. Biggest couldn’t remember the girl parts. His description was that girls had a button, and some kind of dinosaur thing (my eyes watered by this point..) and he figured it was a flavosaurus. Mr. Handler (after I excused myself to the kitchen) explained what the actual name was but I told him later that I preferred his idea. He’s done amazingly well with his fish (Moose) and is growing into a responsible little person. Sometimes I have to blink and go “Wow… how did this happen??”.

To which, I also have to go “Wow, how did this happen??” as Mr. Handler and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary. Our 10th “Meet-i-versary” will be in October. Life flies sometimes!

Speaking of flying… my first 10k of the running season was last Sunday. I am happy to say that both my sister and I tore 8 whole minutes off last year’s PR (personal record)… finishing at 1:00:30 (myself) and 1:00:29 (my sister). We actually were faster than that, however, due to a long set of circumstances, I pulled my ab at 7k. I have been terribly inefficient at core strength workouts, so basically I have a solo ab. Just one. A singlet if you will. Between my computer setup and running with a water bottle in my hand, I don’t really have an even set. Twasn’t noticeable until I pulled it but I have since procured some more balanced watering equipment. Should do the trick. Next up is the MS 10k! My sister and I have adjusted our training schedule a bit but our little running crew has acquired accommodations for our half in September. I’m so excited!

Well, it’s time for me to carry on. I planted my flowers and things today (finally!) since the weather’s been too awful, and I’m now behind on the dishes. Toodles for now!

Mrs. Handler.


PS: If you use Instagram, here’s a not-so-subtle plug for @gnomehandler. Pictures are worth at least 1000 words.

The Official Passing of the Elevenses

So a little backstory. When I was a wee youngin’  AGES and AGES ago.. My mother started Elevenses with me. Back then I was tiny with ginormous eyeballs, so she’d hold me and talk to my big giant eyes at about 11pm. This continued for quite some time, and became the Elevenses Tradition. When I was a teenager, this would be my time to have a cup of tea and chat about my day, clearing my noggin for sleeping. It remains to the present, albeit less often due to my own collection of tiny creatures with ginormous eyeballs.


Which brings me to the Official Passing of the Elevenses.


Biggest and I have had our challenges. His mannerisms remind me of my sister and my husband, and yet, he’s definitely his own person. He takes a whole bunch of stuff in through silent, mostly unnoticeable observation. His brain goes a bazillion miles a minute, and he thinks WAY more than he lets on. In so many ways, he’s my complete opposite. And as such…. I haven’t got the first clue about how to really connect with him. (Littlest I find easier, because he’s me. Really. Which is exasperating but familiar. And he’s got a comedic streak that will put you at serious risk of cracking up at extremely inopportune moments.)


And that is where today comes in. I have had a heck of a time the last week. He KNOWS that I’m struggling to understand where he’s coming from. And he’s lonely. I don’t see a lot of him sometimes, and it makes me really sad when I see that on his face. So today, it all blew up. I was pissed. He was pissed. He didn’t want to listen. I didn’t want to listen. The crux of the matter, our mutual frustration point as it were, was getting out the door. I get so much sass when we’re travelling, and getting boots on to go anywhere causes me significant anxiety for the amount of fuss that occurs. And so… Mr. Handler helped us out. He sat me and Biggest on the couch, and got Biggest to tell me what was actually up, while helping me keep my anger down so I could listen. Did I feel like I was 5 again? Maybe a little. Did I need to be 5 again? Yes. Once we’d said our pieces, and understood what was going on… we ended up under a blanket laying on a pillow.


And began our Elevenses.


It’s really more like Sixes. Actually, we gave it a new name. Pillow Stacking. We dragged a whole bunch of pillows into a pile and snuggled up. And we talked. Turns out, both of us hate taking our pajamas off, because we’ve spent ALL night warming them up. Neither of us like turning the TV off. And both of us like to snuggle. Who knew? Something in common after all. Long story short, I told him if he used the code word “Pillow Stacking”, I would make every effort to put everything down, grab some pillows and pile underneath some blankets so we could talk. They say good relationships start with communication, so I’m optimistic. (This is really my first foray into my children actually growing up… and I thought 3am feedings were hard…)



Who doesn’t love being in a pile of pillows???


Littlest told me, after I got my hair cut this afternoon, that I looked like Daddy now.


Littlest has gotten a case of the DOODLE DOODLE DOOOOOs… a thing of my own creation. While he has not inserted his sing song doodles into a silent prayer time at church like I did… He did start doodling on a VERY VERY quiet bus.


Biggest coloured in the lines in an adult colouring book. In fact, he may just have coloured closer to the lines than I do.


Biggest has started to read words.


Tonight, Biggest got me to drive him to the dining room table in a laundry bucket. I may or may not have also been in the bucket. Biggest likes red lights. It was a pretty tight squeeze, but I hear Mommy power is an extremely clean and almost sustainable energy source.


That’s it for now.

Mrs. Handler

It’s finally happened. I’ve gone cuckoo.

You know, I always have the best of intentions in getting time to write these things. And always something comes up. Like a couple of weeks ago? When I took a fancy picture of my wrapped up hand and said “STORY COMING SOON!”? Well.. I lied. Actually I didn’t, but the story couldn’t be written because I didn’t think about the fact that I couldn’t type. (Oops).


Turns out, I did a bunch of stuff that week, went a little overboard in my cross training, and moved a washer. 3am and a $40 cab ride to the ER… sprained it. The official term is “sinovitis” or some such creation meaning “swollen joint”. Let me tell you. Typing with one hand is absolutely infuriating, and tying tea bags closed with 2 fingers and no thumb because you can’t actually touch your thumb and finger together because of the splint… is only slightly less so. So you see. I did have the best of intentions. And well, it was just out of my control. (I do have a functional joint now. Sinovitus can kiss my a… never mind.)

You know what else is infuriating? Running in snow. It’s basically impossible. Despite that, my sister and I managed to do sprints on Saturday and made up a kilometer pace (which is obviously not a “maintained” pace) of 3:55/km – 4:30/km. Kept that up for 3km despite the awful weather we’ve had. I’m optimistic despite having missed almost a full month of training time.

On a more amusing note, I went sledding with the boys and my timid I CAN’T POSSIBLY WASH MY HAIR BECAUSE I MIGHT GET WATER IN MY FACE, I DON’T WANT TO BECAUSE I MIGHT HURT MYSELF, I CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT MY FOOT IN MY PANTS DESPITE DOING IT EVERY DAY FOR EVERYONE ELSE children… THREW themselves down the steepest hill for 2 solid hours. Much to my delight of course. (We had the “can’t take my feet OUT of my pants” problem when we got home.)

Also, I win the Terrible Party Planner award twice this year. It’s been so busy that I only planned a tiny gathering for Littlest’s birthday. To be fair, he seemed gloriously content to have the highlight of his day be picking out his very own flavour of ice cream after dinner, so it must not have been that bad. But, that brings us to Biggest. It’s a week and a half away to his birthday, and I have yet to figure out what we’re doing. Honestly, it’s the school thing that’s throwing me off. It’s really three options at this point.

#1: We invite ALL the kids from his class to something big (and hopefully casual).

#2: We take a couple of children for something little (and figure out how not to disappoint the rest of the class).

#3: We do a family only birthday party.

I really can’t decide. I know there’s a couple of kids he’d invite, but we don’t have the space for more than a couple, and there’s the matter of him being really well liked with almost all of the kids, so inevitably if we don’t invite someone, we will break a couple of 5 year old sized hearts. And I REALLY don’t wanna be THAT parent. I think he’d be just as happy to enjoy bowling with his family, but having asked him about what he’d like… his answers seem to vary significantly. So I might just have to put my two cents in and make the decision for him. Also, I think it’s possible that he tunes me out after the first 2 words, so I can’t really be sure he understands the nature of my request. TOUGH LUCK KID! MOMMA’S GONNA GO BONKERS SOON, SO SHE’S MAKING THE DECISON! *whew* I feel better.

Unless I’ve gone bonkers already. Which I may well have. Having adjusted my schedule with the running and everything, I have successfully ENJOYED getting up at 5:30 on weekdays. That alone should make me bonkers. In fact, let’s INVESTIGATE. Why would 5:30 leave me less bonkers than usual?

Oh, what’s that you say? LESS WHINING? Oh. Well I guess that’s not so bad.

TIME FOR TEA (That reads coffee more often lately, but rest assured, I drink a CRAPTON of tea the rest of the day. How else would I remain standing?) Really that needs no further clarification.

A MOMENT TO HEAR THE BIRDS BEFORE THE INEVITABLE “I CAN’T PUT MY PANTS ON, MY FEET ARE LOST!”? Well we definitely have to keep time for that. It’s hard finding feet. Especially when you’ve somehow managed to misplace the aforementioned coffee and it’s gone cold… Ever tried to find a pair of toes in pants without being able to see properly? (Just a heads up, it’s nigh impossible. I’d suggest leaving the feet lost to see if they find themselves while said coffee is ingested.)

Fair enough peeps, that is why I labour intensively to scrape myself off my mattress at 5:30am.

I should note, actually, before I get further sidetracked, that this pants thing is really wild. It seems that Littlest absolutely cannot STAND putting pants on. Everything is fine until he has to get dressed. Then suddenly, he has no strength to pull anything off, he pouts, he whines, he cries, he fusses, he sits on his bed and mopes, he puts himself for a nap, he hides in his closet, the list goes ON AND ON AND ON. So much so that I have to send him to get dressed a full HOUR before we have to go so he can be assured of leaving the house in something other than his skivvies. I feel as though daycare might frown on my bringing him stark raving naked. It’s actually such a thing that he put on shorts once (since he refused pants) and I suggested he go out on our deck (in the snow) to see if it was an appropriate choice. He went out, stood on our freezing cold deck, stared me dead in the face and said “It’s GREAT MOMMY, I’M WARM”. And promptly walked back in. It should be noted though, he did request snow pants for the journey.

Biggest has been quite the talk lately also. He’s got really exceptional math skills, according to his teacher, and can add 1’s, 2’s, and 10’s in his head. Crazy child, he certainly didn’t get that from me. (I hate math.) On another note, he was with Mr. Handler and came to see me at work one day, and, after discovering that I wasn’t coming, said “OK Mommy! I’ll keep you in my heart until you get home! See you soon!” And walked out the door. Squeeeeee! (He sure throws one heck of a tantrum to offset the sheer adorableness of it all.)


And with that, I think I’ve confirmed my absolute lunacy, and will now commence cleaning of the house.

Mrs. Handler.