The Fuzziest of them All

Well, I gotta say, today was a doozy! Mr. R. and I discussed starting the biggest kiddo on a little more scheduled (i say scheduled lightly as it’s not only theoretically impossible, but also improbable) of a day, aaaaaaand today would be the one day that the littlest kiddo decided that he would eat me out of house and home, and also wake up twice in the middle of the night. Which he hasn’t done for a while. I have to say though, given the circumstances in which I found myself, today went quite well. It also ended in a whiskey, which makes any day go quite well.

Discovery! Half of the problem of getting the biggest kiddo to do his #2 in the toilet instead of on the bed, in his underpants, in his pullups, or on the floor, is getting him to help us understand that he has to go. Discovered, as he was furiously and frantically trying to tell me something this morning, that he has now decided to tell us in the form of “frap”. Translation: Crap. I’m not entirely sure whether to be highly amused, as this strikes my funny bone, or to be horrified that my two year old says he has to take a crap. Either way, it’s a huge step in getting to the toilet (I can’t tell you how many Lysol wipes I’ve used on his bedroom furniture, and I rarely use them…)

I can’t really tell if my half a shot of whiskey is such a rare occurrence that it’s gone straight to my head, or the amount of sleep I’ve gotten in the last 2 years has finally caught up with me, but I believe it’s time to go to bed. Especially since, after conquering the Huns, Theodora, and the rest of the Netherlands (or was that yesterday?), I had to get my sis’s fiance to explain to me numerous times and numerous ways that yes, they were planning to play Civilization V again tomorrow. I better go. (yikes) (Also, I had to spellcheck numerous, and that is downright sad.)


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