Well, today marks day 2 of the new schedule; it appears to be having the desired effect. I learned a valuable lesson today though. Moms cannot have a day off, as the world will implode. (That actually applies to parents in general, but since I am in fact a mom, we will use that generalization here). (Translation: sometimes the past is not as exciting as it appears to be.)

Being the nerd that I am, hubby and I share time together in the form of online gaming, and generally speaking, we save it for quieter times during the day, and after the biggest and littlest are in bed. (We used to happily game all day long, before kiddos arrived). Well, I woke up this morning, and decided, since the new schedule was working so well, I would give myself today to chill out in front of the computer, you know, give myself a day off like I used to. After all, hubby was home, and we could tag team the important things like feedings and the like. Screw the chores I said! It won’t be that bad, they’ll wait until tomorrow. HA! Yeah right. The morning went ok with this idea, the biggest enjoys watching, and it’s a rare opportunity, since he’s usually assigned to playing like kids of old: no tech. Lunch seemed to go well, but after that, it kinda fell apart. Oh it seemed ok and in fact the “ok” contributed to the resulting chaos. Hubby and I played a while longer, and joined up with my sister, who also enjoys the game we play. All continued to go well until 4:00pm. Alas, as fate would have it, we joined another player who was headed the same way as our motley crew. One hour later, after muttering at the screen, many many restarts, several miscommunications, and various other maladies, we called it a night. (The clincher was the sudden simultaneous screaming associated with the end of the day). After hubby and I discussed what went wrong with our “crew” (which took another 45 minutes), we realized that, in fact, we were so unused to playing for more than an hour as a result of the littles, that we now felt completely unprepared, and quite behind in our day. Not to mention our bums hurt. It was now almost 6, the laundry was in a heap instead of half washed already, the dishes were far greater than expected (although, in all honesty, I should have expected the unexpected, *especially* with dishes…), my bottle preparations were now cast aside in favor of attempting to make sure the kiddos still made it to bed on time… The list goes on.

Long story short, in the space of an hour and a half, the whole day went to seed. I can’t decide, however, whether that was because I’m so used to not having to watch the time on account of time always watching me, or because reliving old times is ridiculous and shouldn’t be attempted, or because mom’s don’t get days off (murphy’s law). All in all, given the glimpse of the pre-kid past, I find myself surprisingly relieved to know that tomorrow will be hectic, crazy, and happily full of everything but sitting down. (I can’t believe I am even saying that!)

PS: Kid revelation of the day: Biggest told me very matter of factly that he was no longer interested in drinking out of his straw cups, and will furthermore be drinking out of big boy glasses. Good thing he’s careful!


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