*pinch pinch* Oh, yep, still here. Ok. *whew*

The last couple of days have been such a bear! The first day was kinda my fault. Rescued a friend from a bit too much adventure, so I was out a bit late, but nothing serious. I did forget though, that I had two back-to-back appointments early the next morning for the littlest. Oh well, nothing major there. Grammy looked after the biggest since hubby was still recovering from surgery, so off I went.

Doctor’s appointment first. I had a nice chat with my doctor about littlest’s growth. He had trouble gaining weight, after a stellar start, so I ended up having to switch him to formula. We had gone with lactose free right away because he was having troubles with even the littlest bit of dairy in my diet while I was breastfeeding. I was ok with switching him though, I had started to lose weight as a result of his tummy troubles. Unfortunately for me, I eat a dairy-rich diet: yogurt, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, cream cheese, butter… And, as much as I tried to cut out all the dairy, there’s not too many healthy high-fat foods out there (I have trouble keeping weight on at the best of times), so that was the end result. I figure happy healthy Mummy is a happy healthy baby, and I never wanted to be someone who would sacrifice everything (health, family, etc.) just for the sake of breastfeeding. While I do think it’s the best way to feed babies, there are other options out there for a reason. Anyway! Long story short,Β  the lactose free stuff still bothered him, so we had to switch him again to soy. After discussing this with my doctor, and discovering that he was gaining weight much more steadily than he was, we agreed to make another appointment in the not-too-distant future. Had time for a coffee, which was weird, considering I was by myself. Then we went to vaccinations, which are always fun. It took longer than average to settle the littlest down, but we made it home for an uneventful afternoon.

Until 10:30pm. At which point, (we found out later that this is quite common with the vaccine he was given), he developed a reasonably high fever, and it refused to go down. Goodie. I hate it when children are sick, especially little ones, because they don’t understand what’s going on. We ended up having to take him to emergency because it was on the verge of getting into the high fever range instead of moderate. Came home at 4am. And of course, we all know that the biggest gets up at 6.

Littlest woke up an hour after I went to sleep, hungry. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to hear him just hungry crying. At least that’s solvable. Biggest was up shortly after, but happily went back to play for a while. Now for the biggest, happiest, most unexpected event yet. Biggest comes to the doorway (we have a safety gate up so he can’t get into anything while we’re sleeping), leans over the gate, and yells POOOOOOP. He apparently was doing this for a bit, since he was getting awfully desperate. I figure, since he usually tells me after he’s tired of having it stuck to his bum, that I’m going to be in for a cleaning and a half. I get to the gate. Oh. No. He’s taken his underwear off. I start looking to make sure that the poop is at least in his pants still.. and… wait for it.. he hands me the pot out of his toilet. POOOOOOP he tells me with a smile. I look…. Ta da! There is poop. In his toilet. And it’s there without me telling him to put it there. I’m so proud of him! (He ended up doing it twice that day, AND he peed before he woke me up. You should have seen the jellybeans he got for that one.

Which brings me, thankfully, to today. Nothing to report, except a bad attitude. Given the goings on, I’ll take it. And now I’m off to bed, and I shall hope that tomorrow is uneventful but without the bad attitude.


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