Not too shabby. (Minus Stuff Mart)

Today went well I think. It was a bit odd, got a call yesterday from my doctor’s office. Wanted to know if we’d put littlest on antibiotics yet for his UTI… Um. No. No one called to tell us. Yeah, you read that right. Apparently our trip to the ER the other day uncovered a urinary tract infection. That would have been nice to know.

I digress. After the conversation with the doctor’s office, we booked an appointment for littlest today. It turned into a really nice plan: appointment, brunch, then up to Stuff Mart. Getting to the appointment was quite the hassle. By the time the doctor came in, littlest had spit up and pooped on the way out the door, spit up all over the doctor’s office floor, and crumpled/kicked the paper to an unceremonious mess on the bench in the exam room. At which point, I felt extremely embarassed to present this stinky, wet, poopy child to my doctor. He didn’t seem to mind, thank heavens. (It may have been the look of distress I shot him, or maybe I looked like one of those moms in the comics that have the kid in one hand, and look like a bomb blew up in front of their face…) Anyhow. Long story short, antibiotics and a paediatrician referral to make sure there’s no underlying cause of the UTI, and we’re off for breakfast.

We ended up running into hubby’s grandparents, joined them for lunch.

We then missed the bus by approximately 5 minutes, and sat around for half an hour with this creepy guy who tried to entertain my children. I say try because my hubby shot him a “back away from my kids” look and stared at him until the bus came.

Side story: I kept the glass bottles from biggest, with the intent of having them last through two children, and possibly handing them to my sister when she has her children. After using them for less than a month, I’ve discovered that they don’t make stuff like they used to, and as a result, I’m down to an extremely tight “day’s worth” of bottles, and will now have to replace half of the collars, as they are about to pop apart. (We use Born Free, and the way they make the collars for them, the tops are the weak point, and over time have begun to bow upwards. We’ve had a few explode as we’ve tightened them.) I originally wanted to replace the pieces that were wearing out, but after searching high and low, I will have to buy an entirely new set if I want the pieces that are breaking. Funny, the only replacement parts I’ve found are the only ones that haven’t broken yet. Since they were my second choice to begin with, I figured that since I was going to have to replace them, I may as well get the ones I originally wanted. To say I’m looking forward to them is an understatement. It’s almost like Christmas!

I arrived at Stuff Mart for my new bottles, and to my dismay, discovered that the only ones they had were plastic. I was suitably disappointed. I did manage to get disposables though. I don’t normally use them (another “second child first purchase” thing, I have been able to use cloth this time around), but having received the Rotovirus vaccine for the second dose, the whatever that comes out the other end is definitely worth disposing of instead of washing. I’m just saying.

When we got home, however, I was able to find them online, and with free shipping no less! They were also about $3 cheaper than buying them in store. Talk about a bargain. And… they’ll be here in a week.

All in all, a very enjoyable day, and I’m about to hit the hay for a very enjoyable sleep.


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