And again, I find myself at 12:15am finally going to bed. Yeesh. You’d think with how tired I wake up, I would be in bed sooner. Not so. Considering it doesn’t make a difference to how I feel the next morning, I may as well enjoy myself when I can. Right?

Today was Canada Day, and as such, the littles, the hubby, and I found ourselves at the parade in our little town. Which, was exciting, as I haven’t been in over 10 years. Of course, today marks the second day of summer as well. Why do I say that? Well, because it’s been jacket and jean weather for the past forever (and by forever I mean from about November-ish onward). The last two days,  have been ridiculously hot, and therefore mark summer as being offically here. Regardless, we were determined to go anyway..

Hubby and I came up with the ingenious idea to get everything ready last night so we’d just get up and go. Exceptionally good idea. We ended up getting out the door when we wanted to, despite biggest deciding that this morning was the morning to be mad at everything. Including the fact that Daddy wasn’t wearing sandals. Preparations included multiple water bottles, an umbrella, and a cover for the littlest’s car seat so we could keep the heat off him. Well. Note to self: arrive significantly earlier next year, and bring chairs. By the time we got down to the parade, the only places left to view said event were on the side of the street with all the sun (heaven forbid with a 2 year old and a 4 month old.) or the end of the shady side, which was perilously close to the sun line. We chose the end of the shady side. Wouldn’t have mattered though, 15 minutes later, that dangerously close sunline was now on the other side of us, and we were left unprotected against the elements. Thank heavens for the umbrella at least. Who says those are just for rain? Anyhow, the parade started, we were hot, but everyone was hot, so who cares, right? Right!

Biggest was enthralled with the fire trucks, and the big cars, and the horses, and everything else.. except if they made noise. He didn’t like the noise. Personally, I enjoyed the bagpipes. Important to note: I don’t recall it being this long. 30 minutes and it’s still going. 20 minutes after that, we need to go. My arms are tired from holding the umbrella, hubby’s shoulders are sore from giving biggest a vantage point, the biggest child is cranky, the littlest child has awoken from his slumber and is also cranky, and there’s still no end in sight. Off we go. The water in the waterbottles is now used to douse both children and ourselves. I don’t even wanna know how hot it was.

We did make it home though, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but, lesson learned. Next time, we arrive at breakfast time, with breakfast in tow, and chairs. Definitely chairs.

Happy Canada Day!


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