No Nap, I’m playing.

So I did an experiment today. I’ve been napping for 20 minutes at a time during the day, to see if it would help with my exhaustion. 20 minutes, for my mother’s sleep disorder, is the magic number. It’s enough to get your mind to settle and fall asleep, but it’s short enough that you don’t enter the type of sleep that’s disordered. I have found it quite refreshing. I still wake up with a headache, and groggy, but not nearly as groggy, and I’m able to at least get up then and there, instead of taking another 45 minutes to get out of bed. Granted it’s with a pot of coffee dangling in my memory (think zombie), but don’t tell, as I have a reputation to maintain. What I’m reputable for, I’m not entirely certain, but I still have to maintain it.

Anyway, the actual experiment consisted of giving myself a full hour for a nap, and seeing what came of it. Nothing came of it. And I mean nothing, as in it took all the wind out of my sails. My husband managed to drag me out of bed roughly 25 minutes later, but not only did I still have the headache, I was also much groggier, and I slept way longer than I wanted to. 20 minutes it is. This is, however, a useful result, as my doctor’s appointment is tomorrow, and I wanted to have as much information as possible, so that we could properly consider what I may be experiencing. I’ve also discovered that despite my previous assumption that I was feeling quite awake at night still, I was in fact lying to myself. I’m pretty much trying to stay awake long enough to feel like I’ve had an evening. I figure it’s to spite the grogginess. (To the tune of HA! You think I’m gonna sleep? Foof!) Regardless, I’m pretty much at the point of adopting the phrase “No nap! I’m playing.” from the children’s book Gideon (by Olivier Dunrea).

In other news, biggest spilt his water, and cleaned it up all by himself. He even wiped it off the door. I really don’t know where this child comes from sometimes. On the littlest front, antibiotics and rotovirus vaccines = gas. I don’t like gas. Neither does he. On top of that, it’s inadvisable to use anything herbal with antibiotics, so gripe water is out. At least I can still give him tylenol.

And for the last completely random story of today, I found a loaf of bread in the pantry. I know, exciting stuff… but wait, there’s more. I don’t know when I bought it… and it was still as “fresh” as it would have been if I’d bought it yesterday. Observation: the real reason our life expectancy is increasing is due largely to the amount of preservatives in everything.  That’s right, people, we’re being… *gasp* preserved! (I think I’ll try buying a different brand of bread next time. I prefer those kind of finds to at least be partially degrading).

To bed, she said!

PS: I’m pretty sure this whole sleeping thing has gone to my mother’s head, she spent the last 2 days color coding and sorting a bucket of beads she was using for a project. In a way, it seems logical, until you realize that they used to be contained individually 10 years ago, and she had the brilliant idea to dump them all together rather than store them separately. Note to self: keep eye on mother so she doesn’t further her dive off the deep end.


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