Is it done yet?

Today did NOT go the way I planned. I wish it had, but it was hilarious in its awfulness. It started at 6. My hubby was going to call the temporary work office in town, (he’s a student and working odd jobs for the summer) and decided that he better not, as he has a job lined up for tomorrow that he doesn’t want to be tired for. His alarm goes off, and we go back to sleep…

6:30am – Biggest gets up.

6:45am – Biggest is hungry.

7:00am – Biggest peed.

7:15am – Biggest peed again (I’m pretty sure he’s at the point in potty training now that he is aware of the reward in offering dribbles, and is therefore inclined to pee more often. Note to self: M&M’s are now only for big pees.)

7:45am – Littlest is hungry.

8:00am – I move to the couch for one of my twenty minute power naps because I am unbelievably groggy (or exhausted, being a young mom, it’s impossible to tell which… also why it’s uncommon for the sleep disorder to be diagnosed before middle age)

8:20am – Feeling more refreshed, I grab my coffee and start reading book 4 of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series.

And the rest of the morning went well. Biggest had a bad attitude, but we were able to solve it, he and I, which I was rather proud of.

Afternoon went well too, although the bad attitude made its mysterious reappearance.

Dinner time, biggest blew me away (in a good way). We had something new for lunch which he wasn’t sure about, so we insisted that he at least try it before he had supper, and not only did he (admittedly amidst some fussing) decide to take a bite after all, he decided it was delicious and ate the whole thing. Which, I should also point out, is rather uncommon.

Then comes the evening.

6:30pm – biggest goes for his wind-down time before bed. I sit down to enjoy a game for a little while. I’ve discovered that this particular moment needs to be as uninterrupted as possible.

7:30pm – biggest goes to bed. I sit back down.

7:45pm – littlest decided to be gassy. Gracious child, don’t you know that this is mummy’s break time? (I jest, of course, but he was definitely upset. I took him downstairs to cuddle for a little while. In doing so, I sit back down.)

8:30pm – cuddling hasn’t helped, knees up hasn’t helped, tylenol hasn’t helped (please note that he’s still on antibiotics and therefore can’t have his usual gas relief herbal remedy), and now he’s hungry, which is making it worse. Also, on that note, my bottles came today, they weren’t supposed to be here for almost a week. Go! Way to underpromise and overdeliver!. Dr. Brown’s are exceptional (those are my bottles!)

In the end, I didn’t get my peaceful morning, and I didn’t get my peaceful evening, but after bawling my eyes out, yelling at my husband like an idiot, having a shower and going for a walk, I can see the humour in it. I can also hope to heck that tomorrow is a bit quieter. Also:

11:00pm – The Dad offers me some of his whiskey. For me??? Why, you shouldn’t have. But I’ll take it anyway.

Good night!


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