The Pit of Doom (aka the pond)

My husband and I have taken on the task of reworking the pond in the back yard. We started it last year, and finished it just in time for my friend’s wedding, which was held at our house. However, over the course of the summer, we discovered several key faults that would add up to quite the pond flop should we use it the same way for another year.

It has taken quite some time to redesign, since my husband has been working, and I have lost quite a lot of energy in the past year (besides the toddler, and sleep weirdness, I’ve also been pregnant for most of it), but we’re on the homestretch. We’re almost to the point of putting the pond back in the hole. I’m aware this sounds funny, however, we’ve used the soft liner, and in the process of pulling the pond apart (to put it back together), we took the soft liner out, and nothing remains except a pit. Tomorrow (provided all goes well), we will be putting in a low brick wall to keep the dirt out, as that was one of the major issues of last year. The other issue was that it leaked like a sieve, but we won’t be able to fix that until we start the water running again.

I thought I would put it on record, as a side note, that I managed to soak my husband thoroughly with a hose. It took over a half hour of planning to put it all together, but I managed, and am therefore extremely proud of myself. I also took the liberty of presoaking myself, just in case retaliation was imminent. (it is very important to understand, by the way, how momentous an occasion this is, as he is almost impossible to outsmart, and he’s twice the size of me. I am very small, and he is very tall, which provides a logistical challenge in any sort of covert endeavour)

In other news, my daily schedule is slowly working itself out. Apparently bottle o’clock is 11:00pm, which is just as well, since it’s my usual evening tea time. I’ve just added washing dishes to my tea routine.

Off to sleep, tomorrow arrives sooner than I anticipate (as always).


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