Wii Active 2 (and bricks)

Well, we got the wall done today. Not without it’s fair share of grunting, muttered expletives, and a few heated exchanges, but it did get done. It was cool enough today that we thought we’d try in the afternoon, but upon the arrival of said afternoon, the sun came out in full force. So we did it after the littles were in bed. In reality, it was probably a good thing. Hubby and I decided, since we aren’t planning on more littles, that this year would be a year of getting back into shape after all the hubbub of being pregnant twice in three years. So instead of hauling bricks this afternoon, we restarted our workouts together.

The program we use currently is Wii Active 2. It’s got little strapped on monitors on your right leg and left arm, monitors your heartbeat, and customizes your workout. You can even work out with a friend, which is why we chose this particular title. One small catch. If the sensors aren’t placed just right, you will get far more of a workout than you anticipate. Which was, of course, the happenings of today. I think the only one that we didn’t have to do 25 reps of was running. I should note that we were only supposed to do 10. All the giggles certainly didn’t help either. I believe at one point, we were attempting to do flutter kicks, and I was on the floor in the fetal position because no matter which way I waved my legs (I could have been running for all it knew), it refused to register even one rep. At some point hubby decided to try and assist, and even between the two of us, it still took about 5 minutes to register 15 reps. There’s nothing quite so undignified as being on your back, dissolving in giggles, with your husband grabbing your ankles to get a computer monitor to register an up and down motion. At least we did it. I shudder to think what’s going to happen when we try the hard one. Despite all that, I’d highly recommend it, just for the laughter. I’m pretty sure the laughter makes the “calories burned” count that much higher.

To bed, if I can move there. (I’m fairly stiff as a result)


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