Bee Stings and Bad Attitudes

We’ve had a bad attitude in our house for a couple weeks now, and I’m stumped as to what it’s about. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because he’s 2. He wants to do everything himself, and gets highly offended that you would even ask whether he was doing allright on his own. At the same time, he’s suddenly come to the firm and unwavering result of being entirely unable to pull his own pants down (after months of practically dressing himself, and surprising us all by stripping randomly without cause). He’s of the firm opinion that breakfast consists of “wheats” and yogurt, and yet, once offered his wheats and yogurt, he plays with it for several minutes, and decides he’s done shortly thereafter.We try not to make food a battleground, and as such, we’ve seen a lot fewer meals go entirely uneaten, but I’m beginning to think that toddlers live on nothing but air, water, dirt, and sunshine. That resembles something… A plant! That’s it, my son has turned into a sonflower. (Oh boy, the puns have come out, I must be tired.)

And carrying on in the directions of plants, which leads to gardens, which leads to that pond project hubby and I started… It was a gorgeous day today, so hubby decided to do some work on it while I read on the porch and supervised biggest while he was playing outside.This book series is amazing, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is astounding. I think it’s going one way and it’s off on another, and just when you think the twists and turns start to make sense… there’s yet another layer of intricacy that I may find I have to read multiple times to get the full effect. I digress, however, as this is about the fact that my husband, in his pond endeavours, stirred up a mud wasp’s nest.

After coming inside to find my husband on the couch, a bowl of baking soda paste in one hand, and blobs of the same paste on his leg, I inquire as to the nature of mishap. It appears that said mud wasps didn’t appreciate his proximity to their hideout. At this point I stared at him for 15 minutes to make sure he wouldn’t blow up; in this age of anaphylactic shock and sudden allergies, one can never be too careful. However, by the time those 15 minutes were up, we were done with the pond for today. I made an effort to find the nest later in the evening, but to no avail. I’m fairly certain they were mud wasp assassins come to sting him for his secrets. That seems logical, right?

I think I may be going loopy. Perhaps it was the extra coffee, or perhaps it was littlest waking up just when I was ready for bed, two nights in a row. Either way, bottles still need to be put away, and we’re finally back to cloth diapers, so wipes solution must be made. (I’m exceptionally thrilled!) Farewell, until the morrow. (Provided I don’t end up in the looney bin.)


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