Berry Picking

So today, I went berry picking with my bestie. Left biggest with his uncle, left littlest with my mom, bestie left her little with her husband (the uncle to my biggest), and off we went. First farm was nice, just raspberries, but lots of them, and cheap. And not at all crowded. 2lbs of berries each, and we decided to try the next one, for perhaps some strawberries. Well…

This one didn’t have any parking, so we parked on the road. Went and tried to find someone, and discovered that despite the lack of apparent parking, and no sign suggesting otherwise, there was a rather large parking lot behind the house. Waited a while for the owner to stop talking to her neighbor so we could weigh our buckets, and finally got to the strawberries. The problem with picking strawberries, however, is that they are low. It was more than a bit awkward, and they were fairly slim pickings, but we still managed about 2.5lbs of strawberries each. The weeds between the rows almost ate us alive though. (They were scary!)

We had a bit of cash left over, and originally we had skipped the last farm because it looked awfully busy (which isn’t conducive to berry picking, as one should understand that you need a nice bunch of bushes to yourself in order to get the best yield. Sharing with a friend doesn’t count), but we wanted blueberries, and they appeared to have some oddly netted bushes that neither of the other farms had, so we went to investigate. Blueberries! Lots of blueberries. It also became clear that since this farm had buffalo cheese, ground meat, sausages, and u-pick berries for sale at the same time, they would appear to be busier than the other two. Not to mention, they took debit! So we happily picked for the next hour and a half. Another 2 lbs of raspberries, and about 5lbs of blueberries between the two of us. We did appear a little worse for wear though, as what was left of my ponytail was falling out, my headband keeping the strays tucked in was falling off, and I was burnt. My bestie made out with some hives, and a large blueberry bush love bite (I sincerely doubt she sees it that way), but all in all, it was a good expedition.

Final count: roughly 18lbs of berries, significantly less expensive than the store, and possibly some indigestion from eating way too many on the way home.

PS: We came back to a very relieved uncle. Two toddlers is a lot to handle, especially when they’re basically the same age.

PSS: I finished my book! On to book 5…


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