Bash, Crash, Wee!

So today was supposed to be my housecleaning day, but considering the events of today, I’m inclined to think that the house doesn’t want to be clean.

I got a bit done off of my list this morning, and around about 11:00am, I thought to myself that I’d like some coffee, (and during coffee my husband and I enjoy a moment to ourselves whilst biggest has a quiet time), so I put biggest on the bed with my hubby.

Dun dun duuun… Hubby is almost ready to get up, and BASH! Biggest’s head goes back, hubby’s nose goes forward, and the two connect viciously. Ouch! Hubby appears to be fine, cartilage is swollen and clearly damaged, but no lasting effects.

Or so I thought. Noon thirty rolls around and hubby’s having fun trying to get places because his sinuses are pressurized, his ears hurt, and he’s dizzy. I sit him down, and we play our game together for a bit, as biggest is down for his nap.

2:30 and hubby is now having trouble staying awake, and mumbling about silly things. He is also having difficulty getting pants on, and he’s not sure if he should get checked out or not. Clearly, as the coherent, functional wife, I make the decision to go get him checked out. Lucky for me, I have an extremely helpful and thoughtful bestie, and her husband drives hubby to the ER. After tea (since I have the two littles, and bringing them to emergency would probably result in another emergency from sheer boredom…) we decide to send me with littlest to the hospital and biggest and his friend can go have supper with my bestie. Such a lovely lady! Don’t know what I’d do without her sometimes. I digress, however. My hubby has sat in the waiting room for 2.5 hours, and he finally gets let in, amongst some fussing by the nurse because he’s having difficulty walking there. (Side note: a couple of paramedics on the way out of emergency very nicely got him a wheelchair to get into the hospital because he was so wobbly at this point, and there was no mention that he should be moved into a different one)… It’s probably just me, but I wouldn’t be too mad at the guy who’s mumbling to himself staring off in space about whether or not he remembered to move himself out of the wheelchair. Come on! (I should point out that while he is waiting, he’s had to be by himself so that everyone could get ferried around). I get there, finally, annd.. we’re out 10 minutes later. With a head injury fact sheet and instructions to be careful. At least we know he’s ok… minus the concussion.

That’s right. Children’s noggins are solid enough to give you a concussion. Maybe that’s why they’re so hard to reason with at 2. Biggest, of course, is none the worse for wear, minus being concerned about hurting his daddy’s nose.

On that note, I’m going to bed, it’s been a very long day and I still have bottles to do. Watch out for those noggins!


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