Moving, and warting like a toad.

*fanfare* We’re finally able to get our own place again!!! We’ll hopefully be moving at the beginning of September. This was, of course, the reason for the delay in juicy updates. Ok, maybe not so juicy, but updates seemed too boring. It was a sad decision to make, as my husband and I and the littles have thoroughly enjoyed our stay with Grammy and Pappy (and I’ve been told by reliable sources that they’ve enjoyed it as well…), but 2 little boys take up an awful lot of mental space. In the end, that was the deciding factor, as we’ve seen increasing behavioral issues related to the amount of adults in the house. I’m somewhat apprehensive, as the littles will now be sharing a room, but I’m also confident that they will adapt quickly, as most children do. They also enjoy one another, so I’m hoping that will ease the transition. (Littlest always smiles and looks for Biggest, and I found Biggest with his stool the other day standing next to the crib, poking Littlest’s tummy saying “awwww, brother! Awake!”, with the biggest smile on his face.)

Besides that, Littlest has officially started rolling over. Biggest, when he was the only “Est”, learned how to roll over, did it once, and proceeded to never do it again in my sight until he knew how to do it both ways. Not so with Littlest. He figured it out the other day, found out that despite being annoyed about landing on his tummy, his thumb was still accessible, and has been doing it ever since. Put him down. Flip. Roll him back over. Flip. etc. and so forth. Bedtime has been particularly nerve wracking. I thought perhaps I could solve him potentially stuffing his face in the mattress (I’m a worrywart, and a mother, and the two make quite a combo), by swaddling him again. We’ve swaddled him since birth, and he thoroughly enjoys it, but it’s been too hot lately to put him to bed in anything more than a Funky Fluff. (Funky Fluff’s are the most amazing cloth diaper ever.) So, I swaddle him. I go to sleep. I wake up, I check on him, still swaddled. Good, problem solved. HA! Not likely. I swaddle him for his morning nap… And find him tummy side down (not sunny side up), with the blanket all bunched up on his head. That ends that idea. So tonight, I decide to try letting him fall asleep on his tummy, and flipping him over on his back after he’s asleep. Well. I think I may have grievously offended the child. It went something like this:

On the back he goes. (dead asleep)
He flips onto his tummy.
Mutter, mutter. *finds thumb* Munch, munch, munch. Out.

Great. I try it again. Same thing.

So… I’m going to pray like mad, worry to the point of being more warty than a toad, and let him sleep on his tummy. It’s not like I really have any other options anyway.

And on that note, I’m gonna check on him for the hundredth time, and go to bed.


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