An inky tan?

Well, the last few days have been quite busy. I got myself a substitute paper route for the month, so we’d have enough for our damage deposit when we move in September. Well, it’s actually 3 routes, but who’s counting. Nice enough, they’re all connected. And really, what better way to get a tan than to deliver papers for several hours in the broiling heat? At this point, I can’t tell where the newspaper ink stops and my tan begins. And it’s only been 2 days!

Our first day of delivery was Tuesday. I should point out that what the office suggested in terms of having the stacks delivered to my house, and what actually occurred are two entirely different things. So I had a leisurely morning, and started delivering around 1. The papers had arrived much earlier but as I’d already made plans for the morning, I figured it wouldn’t make too much of a difference. So, with that in mind, I stepped outside. I think I melted. I really do. Nonetheless, we managed to deliver them, hubby and I (he’s better at map reading than I) in about 4.5 hours. Most of that was spent wandering around and backtracking, I was hopeful that it wouldn’t take that long the next time.

I was right. Today only took 2 hours and 15 minutes or so. Granted, that was without children and my hubby and I were both doing it (we also started as soon as they got here and thus we avoided the extra broily feeling) See, when I saw the ad, and called and signed up for 3 routes, I had only the knowledge of what had happened on a paper route when I was a child. No children to watch out for, no deadlines other than school, no people to feed, and nothing less than a dip in the river to look forward to after I was done. The thought, silly as it may have been, was that I may take over the routes should they become available. Now I’m thinking… maybe 1. Maybe none. You see, I do have children to watch, I do have deadlines (namely nap time, it’s for my sanity), everyone wants me to feed them, and the closest thing to a dip in the river was a 10 minute lukewarm shower while hoping that Littlest would stay asleep until I was done.)

And on that note, I’m going to make bottles, and crawl my way to the bedroom where I expect I will pass out. At least I didn’t burn (badly), and I’m probably more hydrated now than I’ve been all summer. Also, randomly, Littlest sprouted teeth. I’m not too sure when that happened. They just… arrived. In fact, they arrived without much ado at all.


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