Day 1 (again)

Well, today marks day 1 again. Day 1 of Marathon training that is. Having been down for the count this last couple weeks, be it tired, sleepy, ill, or whichever, made it nigh to impossible to continue. In all honesty, I doubt I lost much training in all of that, as chasing after two little ones tends to keep one fairly in shape. However, I am feeling better once again, and I took the time I was unable to train to reconsider how I was going about it. I feel as though my new plan might work better in the long run. Pardon the pun.

I’m going to be using Wii Active 2 (it’s by EA Sports games) to build up some cardio endurance, as well as some overall body toning. In December, provided all goes well, I will continue to use it as a toning tool, but I will switch to some “real terrain” running instead of cardio in my living room. This will require some proper gear, and a jogging stroller (I’ve already found the one I want). I love my current double stroller, (I was lucky enough to get it as a gift from my bestie before Littlest was born), it’s amazing on the bus and for shopping, but I’m pretty sure that if I went jogging with it, it’d be my luck to have it damaged, and I simply won’t sacrifice it’s small-space maneuverability. Not even for a marathon. In January, I will also be replacing a couple of the Active 2 workouts with a hubby gym date.

I’m aware that I could be getting the endurance running underway a lot sooner, but I’m going to be honest, I’m pretty sure I’d be one of those people that you look at sideways, scratch your head, and go “why the HECK is she trying to run?”. Also, I’m too self concious to go out there without at least having some cardio under my belt. At that point, even if I look like an elephant on roller skates, I’ll be going more than 2 minutes at a time. (It’s a double whammy if you’re an elephant *and* going for 2 minutes, then stopping as if the world was ending because you can’t breathe.) Further, I will need some strength if I’m going to take the kids with me, since sitters are scarce, and I will simply be unable to train as hard as I need to if I wait for someone else to look after them. So, l carry on my training indoors for the time being, and I look forward to December, and a jogging stroller.

PS: Littlest has been saving up for some time, and finally got me good today. In fact, he got me so good that he got my husband as well. See, he ate. I know, big shock, but then he fell asleep. Typically this means that we are out of the woods as far as crazy liquid things go. Wrong. So. Very. Wrong. He pooped as he was falling asleep, so, as the good mother I happen to be (or maybe I just don’t like stink, either or), I went to go change him. He’s so quick. I hadn’t even gotten the diaper halfway down his bum, when all of a sudden, his entire hand is fist deep in it. Yeesh. So, as I’m screaming for my husband, before he manages to suck his thumb again, he sticks his other hand down the other side. Great. Now I’ve got his ankles up, and both his hands, kinda like hog tying a pig, and hubby runs in with a bunch of cloths (figures I’d forget to refill the wipes at this particular moment). I’m saved! We get him cleaned up, he doesn’t put poop hands in his mouth, we’re golden. Showered. I kid you not. Just as we’re wiping up the last of him, he pees everywhere. He almost hit his face. It took all of two seconds for the entire change table to be soaked. More cloths. Finish that up, somehow, get him into a sleeper, dry, somehow. We’re good. Right? Wrong. So. Very. Wrong. Since he ate over 2 hours ago, my husband decided, boy that he is, he will play airplane with him. (Can you see it coming?) (Oh yes, it’s happening) Blam! He spits up. How, I’m not sure, I thought his stomach was more than empty. Clearly he saved some. Manages to mostly miss the hubby, but his nice, freshly (amazingly) dry sleeper is now soaked. Ok. Back to the change table, which hasn’t had time to recover from it’s previous excitement. On the way, blam! More spit up. I do not have as fast of reflexes as my husband. All down my shirt, all over the floor.

And on that note, I’m going to bed. He is, thankfully, dry and asleep. I’m not sure how that happened.


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