Today’s the day!

Guess what?? It’s August 1st! All day! Why is that important? Well, we can finally start inquiring about places for rent!

We’ve been working at it for a couple weeks now, but unfortunately, in the rental market, if you call before the 1st of the month before the month you’re inquiring about, they’ll make you call back. It’s kind of hilarious actually, because half the ads we called didn’t specify a date of possession, and still asked us to call back. I understand of course, landlords need houses to be full, and if they can get someone in the place for the next “1st”, then they will try. However, between you, me, and the lamppost, if someone was calling the day before moving day about renting it for the month after, I’d probably give them a time to view. Again, I understand that there’s still a possibility, however slim, of someone renting it for the day after, but that someone would have to be completely crazy to want to move in a day after they found the place. That being said, I’m sure there are people out there. Either way, we won’t have that problem anymore.

If only the newspaper would get here…

Also: I will probably update again later, but I was simply too excited to wait until bedtime.

Well, the paper arrived rather late, so we’ll have to make the calls tomorrow. Looking forward to it, though the places we did contact today, despite seeming ideal, were in terrible locations for us, so… back to square 1. We did get hubby’s school paperwork done though, and tomorrow is a long lost putter day, for which I’m both excited and thankful, as it’s quite the destresser. Moving is a pain in the bum.

Biggest: talked to someone he normally doesn’t talk to today, which was exciting. Funny thing is, he talked to her to say that he wasn’t going to talk to her, he was shy.  The conversation went something to the effect of
Me: Are you going to say hi?
B: *talks to lady* Nope. Shy.
Me: You’re shy?
B: Yep.
Lady: Is that a truck you have?
B: *boy mumbo jumbo* Truck!

Littlest: Had his first try of oatmeal cereal. We originally tried brown rice, but, despite it’s health benefits, it tastes awful (even I will agree to that), and therefore wasn’t a hit. He also tried to play with Biggest’s truck. Funny story, I was changing him today (they always happen around diaper changes), and he has this awesome toy called a Whoozit (you really have to see it to believe it, but it’s huge, and orange, and fuzzy, and leggy), it’s almost as big as him, and he refused to let it go. He carried it all the way to the change table, whilst simultaneously trying to stuff the whole leg end into his mouth. He only dropped it because I was laughing at the expression on his face, and startled him.

To bed, and bottles, with me!


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