Found it!

Well, unexpectedly, we found our house! I managed to sneak away with my mom this morning for a much needed “me” moment, and came back around lunch time. After lunch, I made a bunch of calls, which, if you read yesterday’s update, had to be done today as the newspaper was delivered way too late to do anything about. So, I call.

First 2 places were ones that we’d called a couple of weeks ago, and had to call back. Set up a couple of viewings.

Third place, got a viewing for this afternoon. (It didn’t go so well, I liked the landlord, but the place was so small that our kitchen table wouldn’t have fit in the dining room. It doesn’t seat that many people either). After viewing it, we went for a walk to talk about it. Not only was it rather small, but it only had one washer and dryer for about 10 units… and I have 2 small children. They make laundry. On top of that, the landlord said there were two other small children (one already small, the other one wasn’t born yet, and if I know newborns… which I do…), it woulda been pretty messy trying to get laundry done. So that was a no.

Came home, called a bunch more places, and I remembered one place that I’d called a couple weeks ago, that wasn’t quite where we wanted to be, but I’d really liked the sound of the lady on the phone. So I called, and we set up a time for this evening.

Well! We’d been looking at 2 bedrooms, and this was a 3 bedroom, but the rent was still in our budget, and while the location wasn’t our original choice, it was right on a bus route, and close to schools, and shopping, and etc. Not to mention heat and hot water was included in the price. As it turned out, she had 2 three bedroom units to show us, so off we went. The first one wasn’t very promising, it was fairly outdated, and needed a coat of paint, which would be done before we moved in. (I know it sounds weird, but carpet is the first thing I notice, because as a mother of two small children, I know they’re gonna be rolling on/playing on/who knows what else on it, and that makes a difference. Needless to say, the carpet wasn’t very kid friendly, in my opinion.) So we moved on. Next unit, also a three bedroom, and only a few dollars more than the other one… and we’re in love. New carpets, new kitchen floor, clean, bright, etc. Biggest took all of 2 seconds to be so thrilled with it that he grabbed my hand and dragged me all over it. It was all “This way!” “This way!”. This was a good sign as it’s the first time he’s actually liked one. (We’ve taken him to all the ones we chose to see) He also liked the landlord. That’s a good sign as well. Even better, it’s on the top floor (so no people above us), and it has a balcony. So we took it. The landlord fell in love with Biggest too, I’m sure that didn’t hurt any, and she told us (proud mommy moment) that if he was so calm in a stranger’s house, she could only imagine how good he was at home! Super proud of my kiddo!

So that’s our house. Done. Just like that. And to think I was worried. (I normally don’t get flowery, but I shoulda known God would find us a place. Silly)

PS: Biggest got matchbox cars today. He loves them.
PSS: I don’t have to worry about how to introduce them to room sharing.
PSSS: My mom surprised me with the most awesome day planner ever, she customized it just for me.

I’m feeling loved today. Hope your today was just as awesome!


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