All about the littles

I am devoting tonight’s update to the littles.

Littlest – Is working on more teeth. Unbelievable. However, his grin is just that much cuter for the two teeth he already has. And on the subject of teething, he is a model baby on account of he actually chews teethers. I don’t think I’ve seen one yet that will actually use a toy for it’s intended purpose. (Although, I should note, it helps that I’ve only bought teethers. It could be, and most likely is, that he simply would chew on anything, and I just haven’t bought anything outside of teethers… I’m OCD like that, and I’m sure that if I had bought other toys, he would probably find it far more satisfying in the taste department) He also has discovered oatmeal, and if you hold it in front of him, he will follow it. He gives a really big grin once he sees it. Also, I need to get him superman PJ’s, on account of his favorite position while being held is on his tummy like he’s flying. That reminds me, we’ve also had to up his bottles. (Finally). He’s been a fairly light eater, but since he’s grown out of half of his wardrobe in the last week, he’s also decided to be a bit hungrier. Go figure.

Biggest – Has started cleaning up in earnest. It’s actually embarassing, because he clears the mugs from the living room faster than I do. He also brings out his broom and dustpan and tells me he’s sweeping (very well pronounced I might add), or “clee up”. He can almost get whatever he finds into the dustpan. At least he’ll keep some lady very happy one day (provided it doesn’t go the opposite way once he’s older). Mr. Tiggs continues to enjoy goldfish crackers and has also branched out to requiring various other foods. Biggest has also found sleep to be rather suddenly fascinating, as a result of my naps. He’s taken to dragging all the pillows and blankets he can find into his box fort, announcing that he’s ready for “nap”, and that Mr. Tiggs is “seepy”, only to crawl out 30 seconds later saying that he’s “woke up”. Perhaps that’s a hint as to how long he’d like his nap to be. Either way, that goes on most of the day. He also asks if everyone else is woke up, sometimes as many as 6 times in a row. He’s a very persistent fellow.

And that about wraps it up, I could go on, but the two of them have started scheming and waking up early together, and thusly I shall retire to sleep.


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