I’m a teepee, I’m a wig wam.

I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam, I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam. Calm down, you’re two tents!

Ahaha, I crack myself up. In all seriousness though, today’s been a “tents” kinda day. I’m pretty sure I’m too hard on myself, but despite today going well, it didn’t go that well.

I mean, I got more housework done today than the last two weeks combined, and Biggest had one of the best attitudes today that I’ve seen in quite some time. But the reason the housework got done in the first place is because I got mad at myself. Mad enough at least to wake up still mad.

It started last night, with the crib sheet. I’ve been too “I’m-not-sure-what-to-call-it”, to keep on top of the laundry. I’m gonna label it stressed, between trying to find a place (despite being excited about it), and missing appointments (for apartment viewings, admittedly after we found this place, I forgot all about cancelling another one I made, and I’m the type to feel terrible about it), trying to make sure we can all eat for the next month (more my parents job than mine at this point, due to an arrangement we have, which makes me feel even worse), having financial issues due to moving, and on to of all that, trying to make sure the house is still liveable… has been rather an interesting deal. Anyway, back to the crib sheet. I managed to go through all the crib sheets we’ve got, and forgot to wash any of them. So Littlest, thank heavens it was only a bit damp, had to sleep on a less than ideal sheet all night. I went to sleep trying not to cry. I woke up in a funk too. Lucky for me, funks work out quite well for the housework, and we are now caught up.

Bathroom’s clean. Kid’s rooms are cleaned, vacuumed, and mopped (rugs + hardwood for the win!), My bedroom’s swept and cleaned. The common area’s been swept and mopped. Bottles are done. Laundry’s done. Hubby’s folding laundry (such a sweetheart of a guy) as we speak.

**Secret alert** I am almost too ashamed to admit (but not quite, as I’m still typing), the only way I got it done, besides being mad at myself, was to do a room and play a level of Plants vs. Zombies, much to Biggest’s delight.

In other news – Biggest is officially potty trained! I actually changed his sheets today, and NOT because they were wet! I’m so proud of him!

In littler news – I have to figure out how to continue with my cloth diapers. I won’t wash them in coin laundry (I can only imagine what the building occupants would say), but I think I might be crazy enough to do it the old fashioned way in my bathroom. At least if I choose that route, they have flushable liners so I don’t have to deal with the you-know (#2). Or I can go disposable, but the thought is particularly loathsome. (Man I must be crazy, doing my diapers in the bathroom like a 1900’s housewife because I don’t like disposables. What is this world coming to?)

Lastly, my funny tidbit for the day (If you’re not laughing already for me being crazy)… Ready? Hubby tried to feed Littlest today, but he didn’t have his shirt on (because it was hot!) and… Littlest got a mittfull of chest hair and wouldn’t let go. I had to go rescue him, whilst trying not to laugh. Not that easy, and Littlest has a ridiculous grip. (It’s payback though, hubby laughed at me the other day because I didn’t have my hair up and put Littlest down for a nap, and HE had to rescue ME because said child had a double handful of my hair. At least, I think it was a double, sure felt like it.

Now to finish folding the laundry, and head to bed. Hubby did my bottles too!


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