Wart Score Set to Maximum

I’m a bit fuzzled today. I got a call this morning from Littlest’s doctor. A couple of months ago he had a urinary tract infection, and as a follow up, my family doctor sent him to a pediatrician, who ordered an ultrasound scan of his kidneys and various plumbings to make sure there wasn’t any underlying causes for it. Well. The only positive thing I can say is that his pediatrician doesn’t seem worried. That’s great. I mean, that’s cause for nervousness anyway (it’s probably not that bad, I’ll explain further in a moment) but you gave me a five minute speal about what we had to do next to a WART of a mother. Bah! Just the fact that he called (he did say he would either way) gives me a wart score of 50. At least.

Anyway, it appears we have to send him for further testing. It’s still able to be done at a local hospital (-1 wart score), but he has to be admitted for something fancy schmancy gram-o-something-or-other, including sedation and a catheter. He’s too little. I swear. In fact, I’m fairly positive the tube’s gonna be bigger than him. It seems they found that his plumbing between his kidneys and his bladder were slightly dilated (+20 wart score), and in order to find out whether it’s from a partial blockage (+50 wart score) or whether his original UTI was caused from reflux (+50 wart score), they have to put a catheter in his bladder and inject a bunch of dye to find out where it’s going. (+500 wart score) The reason he’s not worried though, is because apparently when plumbing dilation happens, it’s usually outgrown by the time they reach about 1 year of age. (-100 wart score) Also, I had a ton of these things (UTI’s) when I was a kid, but back then they gave you antibiotics and sent you off, so it’s entirely possible that I had the same thing, and I’m fine now… (-50 wart score)

All told, I think that tallies up my wart score to a whopping 519. Yikes, it’s a wonder I don’t have ulcers.

PS: We signed our tenancy agreement today, so we move to our own place on the first! Yay!


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