Rant of Epic Proportions

Well, I’m stressed. So stressed, in fact, that I’m on my second glass of wine, and my husband took over bottle duty and told me to go play poker.

Today’s installment is about my credit card. So my husband has been out of work for the last couple of months, despite numorous attempts (no one hires students later in summer) and we’re waiting for his student loan to arrive, as he’s going back to school in the fall. It’s in processing right now, so we’re not quite sure when it’s going to be here. Three days ago: got a call from my company about my overdue payment. At 7:30 at night, right when Littlest and Biggest are being put to bed. I give her the information she requires, and remind her coolly that it is 7:30, and please don’t call at this time because I’m putting kids to bed. I tell her I do not have a payment date available, due to the student loan, I give her an estimate, and patiently explain that I do not have anyone available to make a payment for me, and the money left in my account is going to feed my kids. She finally takes the last part of my information, we hang up, and that is that. Or so I think. Two days ago, she calls again. I guess it’s partly my fault, as she rather haughtily informed me that until I had a payment date, I would get called again. I just didn’t expect 2 days in a row after I explained the situation. I wasn’t home, and my mother, who answered the phone, informed her that I’d already talked to the people necessary. Today. I get the same call. Three days in a row. Except this time (don’t know what changed in 2 days) the guy on the other end informs me that it is his duty to make sure I’m aware that my credit is about to be revoked. Um. What? So I went through all the information again, made sure he was aware that I’d already been through this, and hung up. Really angry now. Especially since the first lady didn’t say anything about revoking credit.. I then call back; if they’re going to revoke my credit, I may as well cancel it. They say no can do, which I understand, because I’m overdue on a payment. I explain my anger, she turns it into something ridiculous, I set her straight, apologize, then I suggest a payment arrangement. Ready for the surprise? She won’t take it. She says it’s too far away. She then suggests that I do in fact have a way to pay. I tell her that it’s a choice between a Visa payment and my formula can. She “supports my decision”. Yeah I bet she does.

Long story short: I don’t like call centers, and I’m going to make a payment arrangement with my financial advisor in person (I love her to death). Also, I feel like a 6 year old who yelled at her parents. I can’t decide whether to be justified because the situation was ridiculous (I should point out that I’ve had model payments since I got the card, and have only been overdue a couple of times) or horribly embarrassed because I let my temper get the better of me.

Add that to yesterday’s phone call, stabbing my finger with my fork 1/4″ underneath my nail, and pinching myself in the microwave door (I have quite the bruise to show for it), and I’m really looking forward to the end of this week.


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