It’s the little things.

Today’s update is dedicated to the little things, something I’m attempting to slow down and enjoy. (I’m not sure whether it’s working, but the ones I do catch are either heart warming or hilarious.)

Little Thing #1: It finally rained. The clouds were so heavy that the air was almost purple, and it seemed like it was still dawn, even at 10:00am. I love rain.

Little Thing #2: I enjoyed a play date with an unexpected friend. It stopped raining just in time.

Little Thing #3: I couldn’t decide whether to die of laughter or mortification, but I woke up yesterday morning from a nap on the couch to Biggest announcing to my sleeping corpse that he had a weiner. At which point, he asked whether I had a weiner. Nope, Mommy does not have a weiner. Boobs? Yes, Mommy does have boobs. Boobs? No, you do not have boobs. A most unexpected way to arrive at the strange but natural curiosity about self.

Little Thing #4: Blackberry Merlot is delicious.

Little Thing #5: It’s almost payday, and we’re still eating. Victory!

Little Thing #6: 18 more days to go til we move!

Little Thing #7: After discovering that my book order had been cancelled due to lack of stock (they apparently didn’t update the listing quick enough), I managed to get it new (I’d previously ordered it used) for 74 cents less than what my budget was. It’s most unfortunate, but I thought I could download it for hubby’s tablet, but I got the programs mixed up, and didn’t found out until after I was done the previous book (Book 7, Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan)… so now I have a reading hiatus until it gets here. Buuuuut…. It’ll be here soon!

Little Thing #8: I’ve discovered that my verbal skills and speech diversity have increased dramatically after returning to reading something other than “internet speak”, much to my delight.

I’m now off to bed. I’ve started doing my bottles a little earlier so I can enjoy the evening. Also, Littlest has been eating me out of house and home, so bottles have been a necessity much sooner than anticipated.


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