Appointments and Attitudes

Well, Biggest finally had a good attitude kinda day! I’m super excited about it. I switched up his morning routine because I think his brain power grew, and it’s quite possible most of his attitude comes from being having interactions on the lower level. So on a hunch, I decided to do a couple things different, and so far so good! He’s not getting a quiet time anymore, unless he asks for it. (Quite often he does, but if he does, the protocol will be different as well). His toys are about to get an overhaul as well, as he still has shape sorters and the like that he hasn’t played with in quite some time. The nitty gritties will work out eventually, but given the change today alone has provided, I’m optimistic.

I got an appointment for my sleep clinic consultation yesterday. I got really excited… and got really nervous right after. I’m pretty sure that’s my wartiness coming out though, my main concern is that there’s not gonna be anything for them to diagnose, and all of it’s in my head (or I’m lazy). Sleep disorders at the best of times are frustrating, it’s awfully hard to deal with because it seems like such a small thing, and yet, if your sleep isn’t working right (even if it’s just off, and not missing altogether), it impacts in a big way. As if being nervous wasn’t enough, I ended up dreaming about it, and neither my husband or I got a decent sleep last night.

In other news, we had to take Littlest up to the hospital today for another UTI test. That wasn’t very fun, because they had to give him a (insert huge word I can’t recall here) test, we had to go up to the pediatrics ward so they could do it, and it was long and awkward. Even more awkward, since I don’t drive, but my Bestie lent me her hubby and car for a short bit. ❤ Before that, he had a follow up appointment for his kidney and plumbing ultrasound, and that took much longer than originally planned because we had to weigh him and go over his growth as well as discuss results. I'm going to be optimistic about his growth, despite the fact that he hardly grew at all, because my family's fairly short, and my hubby's tall but grew really slowly (and never stopped…. until he reached over 6 feet), so maybe it's just that. It's certainly not for lack of hunger. I'm gonna try a couple different things with how many bottles I give him, and let him grow at his own pace. As far as I can see it, I can either worry about it (which, we all know, is a natural conclusion with me), or I can look at the fact that he's developing well, and reaching milestones in a standard amount of time, and say he's doing well despite his weight gain.

Biggest –  We had story time today, Biggest and I, and we started out with me telling him that I was going to read 2 books. Well. He went and got “2” books (and I say this lightly because I’m well aware that he knows how many 2 equals), and… came out with 4. With a big ole grin on his face that I couldn’t deny, regardless of how much I tried to. It’s not that I didn’t have the authority, it’s just that he was so darn cute about it. How do you say no to reading? TV, yes. Staying up late, yes. More treats, yes. But reading? Bah! I’m gonna tell myself that I was perfectly capable of saying no, and that I just didn’t really want to. Yep. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Littlest – Littlest is trying to sit up. He’s gotten to the point where if you lay him down, he starts fussing because he’d rather be sitting up. I’m looking forward to the carpet in our new place because it’s a bit of a softer landing if he falls over. In the meantime, our Bumbo will do very nicely, and considering it’s supposed to strengthen muscles to help with sitting, that should be perfect.We have hardwood in the place we’re currently living, and it’s a bit of a firm landing. Especially with little heads, and I doubt even a ton of blankets would disguise that one. (Maybe it would, but if it was enough to soften the landing, then he probably wouldn’t be able to sit on it… yay for vicious cycles!)

And on that note, I’m off to bed, it’s been a very tiring day and I still have to make formula.


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