It all works out…

…In the end! I had my bank appointment today, for my credit card, and I seriously love the lady who advises me. She had thought of something that would never have crossed my mind, and by the time we were done, all of my past due can be paid, and so can our moving truck and the last bit of rent we were missing for the new place. Awesome!

We also made it to payday, and tomorrow is grocery shopping. Thank heavens!

Also, I have to lay off the dairy. I was lactose intolerant before Biggest, when I was pregnant with him I was able to have it, and same for afterwards. Even to Littlest’s pregnancy. But alas, after I had Littlest, I have discovered to my dismay that my mochas, lattes, americanos, macchiatos, cafe au laits…. (carry on and insert whatever caffeinated beverage you wish) will have to be soy once again. It’s a shame really, I like the taste of milk. I certainly don’t like what it does to my innards though. Yay bean juice! I still draw the line at anything resembling tofu however.

I got to play play-doh with Biggest today for the very first time. He sat still for 45 minutes. I am shocked. Admittedly most of it consisted of him handing me pieces, me getting halfway through making something, and him then grabbing it back and saying “I do do”. He likes “I do do”-ing a lot these days. Another first, he got his shirt off all by himself for his bath.

As for Littlest, I scared him silly today, so much so that he got the huge eyes and the silent lip curl before launching into a blood-curdling yell. Poor kid. I don’t even know what I did really, I think I made a new noise at him that he didn’t like. It took Pappy (my dad) taking him and showing him all the stuff outside the window to calm him down. I did also note that he made more fuss today about being changed before his bottle than anything done to him yesterday for his test at the hospital. Strange kid. I asked my husband if the stomach went before everything else as a male. He confirmed my suspicions. It does have a couple close seconds, but nothing outbeats the stomach.

I am now off to bed, hubby’s watching my bottles. I got sidetracked by the great Facebook, among other things (including watching a movie), and forgot to put them on before said sidetrackables. Lame. But, I still have to get my Mommy sleep (it keeps the Mommy brain running without a terrible amount of interference, but if the balance is off, oh my!) so hubby sent me to bed.

PS: Initial results for Littlest’s test yesterday are negative. They’re still culturing the sample to be sure, and we’ll find out the final results hopefully before the weekend. It doesn’t tell us what’s going on with his plumbing, but every test that’s negative means less antibiotics he has to be on. Yay!

Happy Friday morning to you all.


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