… Unless of course something else happens.

As a continuation to yesterday’s post, I thought it fitting to mention that while we got moving sorted out, our student funding is laughable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we got funding. But, and this is a big but, despite us filling out all the forms, we seem to be minus 2 children. Not sure how that happened, but on my end, they definitely still exist. Why is this important, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

With student funding from the government, you get additional grants and assessments based on dependents. Since, according to the financing department, we are minus 2 children, I’m apparently supposed to be contributing 9k to hubby’s funding. Which I totally would do. But I can’t, because I’m looking after 2 invisible children. Even if I was capable of doing that with 2 children, the amount of money I’m capable of “contributing” would be going primarily to daycare. So that would be a vicious cycle of working to pay the daycare to look after my children while I work to pay the daycare. Since that’s ridiculous, I will continue to look after my invisible children instead of contributing to his funding. That being said, thanks to my contribution (it’s invisible) due to my lack of invisible children (which are, on my end, visible), we’ve been shorted a significant amount.

This would normally be no issue, as the government has both applications for reassessment and appeals for assessments. Small problem. We’re moving. I know this seems doable, but there’s the little catch that if we apply for reassessment (for the dependents to be added) and/or appeal (for why I can’t possibly contribute 9k), it’s entirely likely that our funding will be held until the matter is resolved. Which makes it awfully difficult to buy books and feed invisible children. You’d think that if you couldn’t see them, they’d be easier to feed, but it seems to make them hungrier.

Luckily, my hubby is in the process of going through school with an accounting major, and has figured out the numbers such that we can squeak by. We have to talk to a financial advisor next week to see if we can find a way to add the dependents to our claim without having our funding held, but even with that, it’s liable that I will be doing a lot of baking. It’s definitely cheaper (and way more delicious) when feeding invisibles.

Speaking of invisibles, my littlest invisible appears to be needing a midnight snack. Tune in next time for more crazy shenanigans in the “Est” household.


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