9 more days!

It’s been a crazy few days, so my apologies for the lack of updates. I’m starting to get more excited than nervous now, it’s only 9 days until we move!

I’m a list person. I’ve always been a list person. So with only 9 days left, I decided I’d make a list of what needed to be bought for the kiddos. We’re still waiting for our appointment with the student financial advisor at hubby’s college, but we did work out the finances enough to be able to have a weensy bit extra money to make sure the littles can be comfortable in our new house. Over half of our furniture we’re not taking, due to it being old or too big, so it’s gonna be a bit bare for a while. I solved one problem though: storage for the two boys. Hanging closet organizers. This place has amazing closets, even if the bedroom’s footprint is a bit small. By using closet organizers I can store their toys and clothes in vertical space instead of horizontal space. Not to mention Biggest loves buckets and will thoroughly enjoy pulling them all out to play with.

We also came to the conclusion, after careful consideration, to keep both boys home for school (I was home schooled, much to my delight, high school was a huge letdown from the learning capacity we were capable of at home, IE: I went from writing 2000 word essays to 300 word essays in a month’s time) until they reach high school grades. Given the horror stories of how supplies are handled, and the fact that I just finished reading an article on the graduating class of 2012 (Reading score for SAT’s was the lowest it’s been since 1972… Omg!), I figure that with a good homeschooling coordinator and a lot of patience on my part, I can at least make sure they have a solid background to work with when they get to the harder subjects. Given the drastic switch between elementary and multiple classroom grades, it seemed like a good time to switch them over, allowing them full elective opportunities, and proper help for the sciences and maths. (By no means do I consider myself capable of teaching calculus!) I always have the option of sending them to school if it gets to the point of major difficulty anyway.

I would like to make it very clear, if you’re reading with a bias, that home schooling is not the easy way out. It doesn’t mean school in jammies, or easy courses, or less work. It does mean motivating yourself, keeping to a schedule, and finishing your lessons in the time allotted. Not that I’m saying it doesn’t have perks (my sister and I were completely done our curriculum a month early thanks to being spared all the ridiculous nonsense kids get away with in classrooms), but it is by no means a cop out.

And now that I’ve had that say (there’s only 2 parenting issues I feel very strongly on: schooling, and early childhood feeding – breast vs bottle)… that was bringing me around to putting early readers on my list. Biggest already has basic word recognition, and I think, given how his brain works, that the challenge of learning how to read will be good for him. That plus a couple of letter and number learning games, and it should keep him busy for a while. Given the financial situation this fall, I have to plan most of my extra purchases for the bit of money I’m able to have at the beginning of September.

Lastly, since I always try to include something funny…

Made my bottles early last night, formula water included, and I went to watch a movie. Littlest has started eating carrots, much to his delight, and I figured he’s going to have a good solid sleep, so I stayed up a little late. First mistake. He wakes up at 1:00am. Ok, no biggie, I haven’t made bottles yet, but the water should be just right, so I go to make a bottle, while hubby puts the bottles away (it’s our routine for me to make it and him to put the bottles away). And… where’s my pot? Suddenly aghast, with a screaming baby in one arm and an empty clean bottle in the other, I frantically search for it… and find it neatly in the sink. Empty. Apparently it got mistaken for pasta water from earlier in the day. Crap. So… hubby boils some more water, and frantically cools it, and I discover something crucial. 1 – notify everyone in the house that a pot of water is very important and make sure it stays on the stove. 2 – Candy Crush Saga stops hunger screaming. True story.

And with that, I’m off to enjoy breakfast at my hubby’s dad’s restaurant. Bennnyyyyyy!


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