8 more days!

Just a short update while I’m waiting for my bottles, I know I posted earlier, but it’s simply ritual.

This move is gonna be a jerry rig. That’s all I can say. We bought boxes, but we are trying not to need more. I hate borrowing money, and the last thing I want to borrow money for is for boxes. On that vein, garbage bags for laundry, and a random discovery of luggage found in the closet should be helpful. Hold on for bottles…

Ok back. Almost burnt myself, hubby rescued me after a few almost curses… and we’re good.

Anyway, I’m unconvinced about the size of truck we’re getting. While I would rather have more room than less (and stuff has that funny way of adding up…) the amount of stuff we are taking seems small indeed.

In other news, Biggest went to bed exceptionally well… I told him that we were cleaning up, and that if he did a good job, he could take his new bus (it’s a Pappy bus lookalike) to bed. He had a very late nap, and was going to bed at his usual time. A little quiet play never hurt anyone. As it turns out, he played for about 5 minutes and fell asleep, tired kid. He also did such a good job that I surprised him with a couple extra trucks. I’m gonna see how that goes tomorrow.

I’m going to leave you with Littlest’s new favorite travel method, the superman. Arms out, head up, and held securely on his tummy. Too cute!


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