Crazy Boy.

So in the first 2 hours of my day, I discovered three very important things about Biggest.

1 – He can walk backwards up the stairs. Who does that?

2 – He doesn’t like the taste of playdoh. The instant he ate it, he cried like crazy, and when he stopped, he asked very politely for a glass of water. I doubt he’ll do it again.

3 – Not only can he play the actual game of Dominoes, but he also likes it. Yay!

After that, we played his Zhombies, and he went for a quiet time. I thought it was quiet, so I peeked in his room to find that he had covered himself up and gone to (get this) sleep! Unbelievable.

The rest of the afternoon was standard. Supper went fairly well, started a new tradition for his bath, which involves story time while he’s in the tub. Annnnnd… then it came time to cleaning up. He cried the whole time. I think, personally, he was just tired. He normally likes cleaning, but he woke up at 5 this morning, and while I put him back to bed, he woke me up again at 6:20, which, considering his usual schedule, suggests that he just laid there and played with his animals for a while. It also explains the self-inflicted nap. Either way, he’s now solidly asleep, and hopefully he sleeps longer than 5 tomorrow.

And that’s about it. Oh, littlest has started babbling in amidst his noises, and it’s positively adorable.

Also, only a week left until moving day! (Tomorrow is going to be a pack day).

Have an enjoyable evening!


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