Biggest’s day went well. He was up at 5, happy as a clam. If only I could have deciphered what he meant by “so dark”. You see, I thought, in my sleep hazed mind, that he wanted his nightlight because he couldn’t sleep. Soooo… you guessed it! I put his nightlight in, and myself and he went back to bed. Dumb! (As it turns out, he merely wanted the light on so he could play, as, accurately, it was too dark in his room to see his toys. I happened to be mostly awake by the time I was done putting the nightlight in, but since he was going back to bed, I thought I would too. That didn’t go so well. Hindsight is always 20/20, or so the saying goes. Despite it all, he still had a great day, despite the awkwardness that ensued from my early mistake.

In other news, moving day is Sunday! I’m so excited, we’re down to the wire.

In the meantime, I’m anxiously awaiting book 8 of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, it should be here soon. I spent, much to my surprise, most of the afternoon talking about it with my hubby. I was supposed to have a nap, but that seemed more intellectual and enjoyable. I’m happy to report that it was as delightful as I thought it would be.

We went out to dinner for hubby’s upcoming birthday, it was nice to be out with family. The only downside was that dealing with 2 busy kiddos makes mealtime much different than I remember, as last time we went out to dinner, we didn’t have Littlest eating solids, and Biggest’s bedtime was a little sketchier. You could really tell (at least on my end) that it was time to be heading to bed. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, as he was up late, but I’m hopeful.

Anyhow, good night, sleep tight. My apologies if it reads a bit scattered, I’m rather tired, it’s been a busy day.


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