It’s true. I’ve gone insane. Moving with children is the most ridiculously idiotic dumb idea ever invented. I I haven’t died by Sunday, I will have, at the very least, burnt into the most epic of flaming displays ever. True story.

Not only have I gone insane just from today alone, but I was an absolute idiot, and forgot that the one thing you need on moving day… is people to move stuff. Now, admittedly, we don’t have much stuff to move, and admittedly, even with hubby and I doing it, it should take less than the whole morning, but it was still dumb. Not that I’m panicking, however, because insane people don’t panic, they just laugh. *crazy cackle here* Anyway, moving on. Ahahaha… pun. It won’t take much effort to do it ourselves, however, I’m pretty sure that the few people I told secretly called the looney bin on me for not securing extra help just in case. To make matters worse, I attempted to save face by messaging a very good friend of ours, to see if he was available, and a doozy of a message it was. I don’t think he’s read it yet, if everything else today hasn’t secured my trip to that padded room, I’m pretty sure it will. It probably didn’t help that I wrote it on the way to bed.

I got most of the kitchen packed today, and that was the beginning of insanity, as every time Biggest came by to see what was going on, he would look in the box (or put something in the box, I attempted to include him by allowing him to help) and say “GONE???” with the most horrendous, pitiful, sad look on his face.

I’m done explaining what isn’t gone. I figure, it’s gonna be miserable, I’m gonna be a fireworks display, he’ll understand when we’re over there, and that’s just gonna have to do. I have no other way to put it.

In other news, I managed to be dreamtalking this morning (yes, I apparently am capable of dreaming and talking at the same time), and, rather than talking, I managed to yell at Biggest. In my sleep. I felt like the stinkiest Mommy on the continent. Not to mention, it woke hubby up, who went trouncing into Biggest’s room thinking he’d done something, at which point, I woke up, and yelled at hubby thinking he was being ridiculously ornery about nothing, who in turn, became grumpy with me. Until we sorted it out and realized that I was, in fact, dreaming, and it was a misunderstanding. Luckily, Biggest was hungry and ready for his Cheerios, and I don’t think he even noticed, as hubby realized as soon as he got into Biggest’s room that nothing was amiss, and got him his breakfast, rather than giving him the what for that I was apparently intent on.

In all seriousness, this move needs to be over. I haven’t slept well in 2 weeks, there’s boxes everywhere, everyone’s on edge, and I’m nervous as hell that I’m gonna be a crappy Mommy once we get there. It’s my first time Mommying two little ones without anyone around. (There’s a tiny glimmer of the positive side that I usually look on that says I’m being ridiculous and I will do just fine.)

Also, I’m 2 hours late for bedtime. I was up late last night, because Hubby and I escaped for a date, and I thought that I would give myself a late (but not as late) bedtime tonight so I wasn’t tossing and turning. And with that, I’m off to bed.


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