We made it!

Well we made it. It was quite, in truth, the craziest day I’ve had in a while.

First, we moved the whole house just the two of us. I’m actually thankful for that, however, because it’s the first move my husband and I have not yelled at each other. Ironic, in retrospect, as it was also the most dramatic one of the bunch.

Now for the gory details. Our previous residence was a split level house, in which the majority of our stuff was contained upstairs, and the truck had to be parked downstairs. Cue stair counts. (Start by thinking of 2 partial flights per trip, one way.) It took us 4 hours to load it, counting from the time it took us to get the truck to the house, until we did our last check to make sure we got everything. That’s a lot of stairs, by the way.

Next, we got to our new place. This is on the 3rd floor. (Now think of 4 partial flights per trip, one way.) There is no elevator. We had prepared somewhat, as we had taken apart every piece of furniture that was able to be disassembled. That is a ton of stairs, way more than previously considered. I usually take many stairs in the course of a standard day, as my computer was previously housed in the basement of our former residence, and the littles were upstairs, so any time we had quiet time, I would have to travel up and down those stairs to respond to various requests and/or questions. Much to my delight, I didn’t get sore legs for about 7 hours during the move. I think, in all honesty, it may have been birthing 2 children that did that, as I think after about 3 trips up the stairs, I got into a very similar zone. I also got into my running zone, which had me counting stairs, flights, making games of how much stuff I could get in one go, how fast I could go in one trip, etc. I’m seriously proud of myself though. My husband, having laboured vigorously the day previous, in disassembling everything to it’s base elements, was still tired, and had to take more breaks than I did, although I probably should have been resting like he was in between trips, as I feel like absolute donkey crap today, and I’m pretty sure I’m severely dehydrated. He’s not.

However, he had the most dramatic day, as about 5 o’clock, he did something completely crazy. Oh it started out simple, we were taking one of the light pieces of furniture down the loading ramp. But you see, my husband is a bit clumsy, and when he was backing down the ramp, he missed it. And by missed it, I mean missed it entirely. One second he was on the truck, and the next, he was on the pavement shrieking in pain. It was terrifying. In fact, he winded himself so hard that he couldn’t breathe for almost a minute. The fortunate thing is that I’ve now met all the neighbours, and this building that we’re now calling home is a very friendly joint. I had several offers for a call from 911, which I took, and the dear man got to ride in an ambulance on a spine board. I don’t really know how he managed it, and (amazingly enough) he was lucky to have tripped on the loading dolly on the way down. So rather than landing flat on his back, 3 feet down to the pavement (which for a husky guy is quite the ways down), and possibly giving himself a severe head injury, he instead bounced off the curb. This doesn’t seem lucky, especially at the time, as his back was severely pained, but after his trip to the hospital, it appears that he has no broken bones. It would have been different, however, if he’d hit the ground flat. You should see the bruise on his back though, it has the texture of pavement, and looks like the curb. If it didn’t look so painful it’d be funny. He also has a giant gash on his elbow, and several road rash-esque scrapes elsewhere. (Even better, his pants split open, which, despite everything, I find downright hilarious.)

End result: no broken bones, much to the doctor’s surprise, but significantly seized, and probably severely bruised, muscles. With the pain meds they had him on at the hospital, I’d say he’s gonna be feeling that for a while.

Returning to the building, and it’s friendliness, while I was holding his head waiting for the ambulance, we had several neighbours with first aid pop by to make sure he was ok until the ambulance got there, and before I knew what was going on, someone had coordinated a couple of guys to finish moving everything up. I was beyond grateful, and a bit overwhelmed at the kindness. My landlady also drove me back to Grammy’s so I could sort out the kids. Unbelievable.

This morning I kinda felt like a celebrity. I went out to get a couple of groceries, and I had almost as many people ask how he was doing, several offers of cold packs, and when I came back, the lady across the hall from us sent her boys down to help me with my bags. I also found out in the process that there is such a thing as reponsible, respectful children left in this world, as her youngest assured me that if I ever needed any help to give him a shout, and he’d be happy to play with Biggest, if he should need entertaining, and his big brother babysat if we should need that kind of service.

All in all, despite the craziness, I feel so blessed to be in this little house. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to repay the generosity. (I already did in the eyes of the children across the hall, at least, as they have a standing invitation to check out my video game collection, much to their delight.) I also desperately need to find the sugar, as my coffee was very unyummy this morning. That being said, however, unyummy coffee is still better than no coffee.

And now I’m off to bed, as I have finally sorted out why my monitor wasn’t working. (Clearly it is now, or else it would be really odd to have been able to update this thing.) That part is particularly important, considering that if one more day goes by without Biggest’s morning Zhombies, I think both of us might cry. He hasn’t taken leaving Grammy and Pappy’s house very well, and he needs the routine almost as bad as I do. (Although on my end, I’m pretty sure that’s to do with the coffee, rather than the routine.)


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