The Printer…

This will go down in history affectionately known as the “Print my bleeping stuff” printer.

So, as you may have guessed, Hubby got a new printer. It wasn’t an impulse buy, we had planned on buying one for school, but we hadn’t researched it either. It was on sale, so we picked it up. We got it home, barely. I shall explain.

We went to Stuff Mart 2, got our printer, and decided that walking home would be the best idea. Biggest needed to run off some steam so we let him walk, and became that crazy couple with the overloaded stroller. It wouldn’t fit underneath in the ginormous basket, so we had to balance it precariously on the stand side (it’s a sit ‘n’ stand type of stroller), and hope that it wasn’t going to drop and waste our money. To prevent this, we had me pushing the stroller, and hubby, because of his back, stood walking on the side, with a child on one hand (that being Biggest) and the other hand on the printer. Despite that, every time we went over a bump, the whole thing would lurch forward (I was being very careful), and curbs nearly made my heart stop. However, we did manage to haul it home in one piece. It must have been quite the sight.

We then hauled it up to our place. Hubby installed it. And… wait for it… wait for it… it printed nothing! Zip, zilch, nada. Great. So he reinstalled the drivers, used the CD, checked for the latest updates, and tried again. Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Ok, since we’d already troubleshot everything, we thought “Maybe the ink cartridge is dry, it may have been on sale because it was an old model. We’ll go buy more ink tomorrow.”

Queue tomorrow. That happens to be today. We made the trek to Stuff Mart 2, bought the ink, and various other things we’d discovered were missing from our household, stopped for groceries, and came home to install the new cartridge.  **The main thing I was missing was sugar. I thought I was just being too lazy to bother looking for the sugar for my coffee, but in fact, we didn’t have any when I did decide to look. That turned into a teary meltdown this morning, and said trip for the sugar. I’d fill in more details, but that’d be embarassing.**

Continuing on with the cartridge, we installed the new one, and printed a new test page. Wait for it. Wait for it… Nothing! Zip, zilch, nada. So we consulted the internet. The user’s manual. The instructions. Nothing. My husband thoughtfully suggested that it was a long drop three floors down, and maybe that would fix it. I declined. Wait a sec. What’s that in the instructions? I am ashamed to admit, neither of us fully read the part where you have to take the tab off the ink cartridge before you install it. We peel the tab. We print the test page. Wait for it… wait for it… Something’s coming out!!! Now, I should advise you that while the tab is embarrassing, this printer is still a beast. Why? Because now it’s printing funny.  So, we clean it, we adjust the nozzle, we print another test page. Now it’s printing nothing again. So I have the genius idea to reset it, after numerous attempts to realign the print heads. It prints the test page beautifully. But, now it’s not printing hubby’s document. Another genius idea, reset the wi-fi. Now it’s working.

What a pain in the proverbial arse. Even worse considering the reviews I found: sometimes needs to be refreshed, not so great with the connectivity, and apparently it uses a lot of ink…


I’m going now.


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