The kitchen, the kitchen, oooo I love the kitchen…

Ha! Take that crazy kitchen! Despite my kitchen being unpacked since day 2 of our new house, it wasn’t really put away. I finally remedied that today.

My kitchen was unpacked by my dearest husband, but I’m afraid there was a small hitch. You see, after his little run-in with the moving truck (which, if you haven’t read it already, the juicy details are here), he graciously did what he could with his injuries. That amounted to him taking stuff out of the boxes. While he was high. On whatever they gave him at the hospital. It was highly amusing setting the cupboards to rights.

After yesterday, I realized that a good portion of my ongoing stress in the last week has been the fact that I am tripping on everything, and what I’m not tripping on I can’t find. This couldn’t be more true in the kitchen, as I had forgotten, with it being unpacked, that it hadn’t been organized. So I set out to remedy the situation.

Oh husband. Putting a kitchen away when one is high is not highly recommended if you’re planning on finding something. It just doesn’t go. I can’t even begin to tell you everything that made my eyes water (amidst laughter), but here are a few examples.

The griddle was on top of the cutting boards. Not beside, on top. All other appliances were with the baking supplies.

The salt was in a cupboard all by itself.

There was a completely empty cupboard.

The Baby Bullet blender was with my teacups, while my big Bullet equipment was with the drinking glasses. (Opposite ends of the kitchen)

The breakfast cereal was with the oil. And the vacuum.

All the other food was with my teacups.

My tea supplies were in with all the other food… and in a drawer too.

Last but not least.. The frying pans made it with the pot lids. Which actually makes sense. And is therefore even more confusing.

Despite all that, my husband did have a certain logic that I was able to follow with reasonable thought pattern. The breakfast cereal and the oil did not fit with any of the normal cupboards, so had to stay in a taller cupboard. It conveniently had space for cleaning equipment. The griddle didn’t fit with the other appliances, so a quick shift of the cutting boards, and the rest made sense. You get the idea.

In the end, I have 2 things to say.

Well maybe 3.

1. My husband helped unpack the kitchen. However that turned out, it’s still a win.

2. Unpacking a kitchen high is something that should be left to the professionals. Like my husband.

3. I was able to clean my kitchen and put everything away, which lessened my stress load significantly today.

4. (Yes, that’s more than 3). I am not exempt from illogical thinking as I got so into reorganizing the cupboards that I completely forgot to do bottles until my husband asked me whether I knew that there were none left. Nope. I didn’t. Littlest got hungry 5 minutes before the water was cool enough.

Biggest moment of the day: (pardon the pun) Having Biggest crawl into bed this morning, putting his head on my shoulder, and asking for the blanket to be tucked in.


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