A mental note to self.

An unusual occurence, I am bringing you a post from the middle of the day. Weird? I think so! It was necessary though, as I have asserted myself as a mother of two (by myself), and succeeded.

How, you ask? Well, first, I successfully navigated all my gear and children down the stairs again, proof that it wasn’t a fluke! Next, I managed to shop for groceries without having a hernia. I will say however, that I bribed my mother, shamelessly I might add, to accompany me to the store. It worked. I didn’t entirely manage to avoid the scariness that is shopping with 2 small children, a stroller, and a shopping cart all by myself. I had to make a stop on the way, which I forgot, and as much as I wished I could just carry on, it was vital that I do it anyways. So, I sent my mother off on an errand, and had a couple of aisles worth of shopping with 2 small children, a stroller, and a cart. It. Was. Terrifying.

Note to self: continue to bribe mother until children are bigger and shopping is less scary.

Either way, we made it out of the store in time to have lunch downtown. Even better, I discovered that the store I shop at delivers, and their delivery boys will cart it to my door. Three flights up.

Note to self: include tip in grocery budget, and shop at said store exclusively.

I then made it home, and carted my children, my buggy, and my gear back up the stairs. A first for me, and one I am thrilled about.

Note to self: bench weights until buggy is less awkward to carry up stairs.

I then managed to make it down to the laundry and back, at which point we find ourselves in present time. The only thing left is to await the delivery of my groceries.

Rockin’ it!


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