Today was the day!

… For my sleep specialist appointment! What a long trip! Spent half the day getting there, and half the day getting back. But I have a sleep study date, and they are coordinating it with my sister so we can save on gas. Sweet deal!

Ā **Sleep study: sleep a night in a lab with a bazillion monitors to accurately assess your sleep. If you’re me, you also get a nap test the next day. Apparently this sleep lab has queen beds in private rooms. Awesome!**

I would like to take this moment to explain what a sleep disorder actually is. Almost everyone will experience a point in their lives where they need a nap, or they wake up exhausted (hello mothers!), or they toss and turn and worry themselves to sleep. A sleep disorder, however, is persistent and doesn’t go away, regardless of what you do. For instance, I sleep 7-10 solid hours every night, and I wake up feeling like I’ve never gone to sleep in the first place. Caffeine helps very little, exercise just makes that feeling worse. Not only that, many sleep disorders (including mine) are accompanied by weak muscles, headache, and stomach pain. Some are even severe enough to cause paralysis upon waking, as well as the feeling of suffocation, and hallucinations. Sleep, apparently, is a powerful thing. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, some are apparent at night (think insomnia or sleep apnea), and some are apparent during the day. The ones they are testing me for are daytime sleep disorders, and included in that batch are idiopathic hypersomnia, narcolepsy, and one with a big fancy word I can’t remember that boils down to daytime sleepiness induced by menses. Many cases of these can be severe enough to impair driving among other things. (It’s a good thing I don’t drive).

Anyway… Thanks for reading. It’s difficult to talk with people about it because most people just can’t understand the idea (not that I blame them) that there’s nothing I can do about being sleepy. For most people, they have a cup of coffee and they’re good to go. The doctor I saw today said that with the amount of sleep I get, I should be awake and ready to slay dragons. He thinks the dragons are safe for now. I’m looking forward to the study and the results.

I’m going to leave you with the most hilarious comment from Biggest this morning. He woke up, asked permission to get out of his bed, to which I replied he could. He then went pee, and came in to get the toys on my nightstand that he lost (long story short, he didn’t listen, and tried to play in our bedroom without permission, so he lost the toys that were in our room until this morning). Once he got them all, I told him I’d be up shortly.

B: “gate?”
Me: “no gate.”
B: “leave the door?”
Me: “yes you can leave the door.”
B: “ok, zhombies?”
Me: “as soon as I get up.”
B: “oh good! I love big zhombies! I love big zhombies.”

At which point, he promptly shut his door anyway, and let me sleep until my alarm went off 45 minutes later. Love that kid.


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