Now What?

Well, today, I finished the last of my fall shopping for the boys. In all honesty there’s no way it would have happened without the help of my parents and sister, who generously donated $180 for the boys to get fall clothing. I am unbelievably thankful. But that brings me to the subject of my post. Now what?

With the finances being the way they are, I chose to do one big fall shop ($380) instead of my usual monthly shop, opted to add my formula money to groceries, and planned for an awful lot of baking. I happen to be one of those people who, when given a budget, tend to spend the whole budget. I’m very good about not going over them, but I will spend right to the limit, which doesn’t save us any money at all. So, my plan is to keep track of my grocery budget, and each month, I will top it up to the amount I’m allowed, rather than saving whatever’s left of it and adding it to the whole budget for the next month. I think it will work well.

However, I must admit, not having my monthly budget for the kids has left me feeling somewhat bereft. I don’t really know what to do with myself. I normally take myself for a fabulous meander downtown, pick up some stuff I need, pick up some fun new stuff for the kids, and carry on from there. Not this fall.

Come to think of it though, I’ll probably be too busy trying to figure out how to make bread. If my sister can manage, then I can too. Right? **

** My sister has a science background, and a scientific mind to the nth degree. The first time she baked bread, she watched the yeast rise too long (scientifically fascinating), and then attempted to bake it still. It turned into what we affectionately refer to as “the rabid loaf”. She did her thing, added the long-since-used-up yeast, and, after realizing that it wasn’t rising, thought it needed more heat. She put it on top of the stove, while the oven was warming. This resulted in the bottom part partially cooking. She then kneaded the partially baked stuff into the rest of the loaf, but because of whatever she did to it, there was way too much dough, so she made dinner buns as well. There wasn’t enough room in the oven, so she stacked a couple pans on top of each other (they, to her surprise, didn’t squish down because she over-kneaded them as well, and they were tough enough to serve as pan-separaters). When they were done, she said she was extremely full, although they hit her stomach like a rock. She’s pretty sure she didn’t need to eat for about 3 days because she was still digesting. If she can still manage to bake bread (she’s made several successful non-chewy, properly kneaded loaves since), I’m absolutely positive mine will turn out. We are pretty sure that whatever was left of her original batch is haunting a set of sewers somewhere (because of the too much dough thing, it really did turn rabid). **

And on that note, I’ve solved the question. The now-what will turn into the bake-bread-better-than-sister. Problem solved!


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