Gone? And dinner table musings to the tune of "my generation has too much info".

Cheerio, Gone?
Blanket? Gone?
Bob? Gone?
Cookie? Gone?
Blanket, gone.
Gone. (as the car flies through the air).

This has been most of my conversations with Biggest today, amidst various tantrum-esque fits, crying, screaming, and throwing. I’ve tried explaining what gone means. I’ve tried telling him I don’t understand what he’s talking about which finishes with a teary eyed gone? followed by screams of anguish or anger, I’m can’t delineate. I’ve tried using other words like “blanket is lost?” “you can’t find Bob?” followed with, you guessed it “gone?” “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

I originally thought it was a delayed reaction to moving, or hubby going back to school, but when he asks “gone?” with those, I can explain that Daddy’s at school, which is met with “on the bus?” “yes, Daddy took a bus.” “Oh, ok”, followed with happy playing. Same story with Grammy being at her house, and Pappy being at work. We’ve had this situation a few times before we moved too.

Having thought on it for most of the day, I’ve come to the conclusion that:

a) He’s downright exhausted from all the various schedule changes that have gone on.

b) The boxes are bothering him (as I’ve been using the boxes to make various furniture pieces and organizers, we’re a little low on funds)

c) He’s growing and hungry. I should explain further. He doesn’t typically get snacks between meals, because he tends to not eat the real food (aka breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at ALL if he’s had food in between. I’ve given him glasses of milk (often) or juice (rarely) to give him a pick me up, but he still won’t eat his dinner. It doesn’t matter what it is. So he gets water and no snacks when it’s not mealtime. I’ve done tons of research (over-googling anybody?) and I can say with surety that the internet is full of crock. This is what I found:

 – 6 small meals a day.
–  OR 3 big ones with healthy snacks
– as long as it’s healthy, it doesn’t matter whether dinner is eaten
– a toddler’s nutritional requirement is met over a week, not a day (this one is the only one that makes even half reasonable sense)
– BUT it came with the attached statement that if your child wants to eat nothing but white food, go ahead and let him (I’m not interested in trying to make everything white, nor do I have the money to)
– I did so much research because I was trying to find something that didn’t involve me turning into a puddle trying to forever please a 2-year-old.

 When I was a kid, we had 3 square meals, we ate what was available, and my mother didn’t go running around trying to find something we wouldn’t snub our nose at. Of course, all she required was that we try a new dish, and if we really couldn’t stomach it, then we would be free to have something else. But none of this “omg it’s the wrong shape, I’m not eating it! ok I’ll make you something else” kind of stuff. Yikes.

 – To be continued after I’ve figured out my child’s brain (which may, in all likelihood, be never)

In other news, I baked bread today. It was a very exciting affair, although I did realize I need molasses, and honey to make a truly good loaf. I did also realize that I do not own a bread pan. Therefore, amidst much frenzied searching, it ended up being baked in a cake pan. EDIT: I apparently forgot the best part, that being Biggest decided to turn my salt container upside down and play with it like sand. Note to self: put away ingredients immediately (and I would have too if I didn’t have major mommy brain). Anyway… I am now the proud owner of a round loaf of bread. It’s delicious. I can also say that it did not turn rabid, unlike my sister’s loaf (that story can be found here).

My bread: 1 / Sis’s bread: 0
(she does, however, have dinner over me, as I have yet to create something more impressive than homemade pork sliders complete with handmade buns and barbecue sauce).

Now if you’ll excuse me, everyone’s hungry, I have a screaming child in a time out, and a smaller screaming child that’s done with tummy time.


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