10 points of nothing.

Nothing happened at all today.

The end.

Although true, that seems incredibly boring, so instead of leaving it at that, I will now rack my brain for as many little random tidbits as possible. Ready? Set? Go!

1. Biggest asked me very seriously whether I was a big zombie. I told him yes.

2. I asked him whether he was a big zombie. He said no, he was a monkey.

3. I had an epic mommy fail this morning, as I totally forgot to do bottles until after I realized Littlest was hungry and there weren’t any available. He was exceptionally put out.

4. I gave up trying not to have coffee after 4pm. It’s delicious.

5. Littlest was given the gift of homemade oatmeal cereal for dinner. He stuck his nose up at it, after making the face to end all faces.

6. Biggest has discovered stalling at bedtime. He now points at everything, asks whether he has to put it away, then walks away from it to do the same somewhere else. At least, he did, until hubby told him firmly to just go to bed, at which point he bawled his eyes out.

7. I tried to quadruple book myself this weekend, and almost succeeded. I would have if I hadn’t told my hubby all my plans, at which point he informed me that I already had such-and-so going on. Which then led to me scrambling all over the place trying to rearrange it, and ultimately ended up with me passed out on the bed from sheer exhaustion.

8. As a response to #7, I now have a dry-erase board on my fridge.

9. Have I mentioned coffee is delicious? If you’re not sure, see #4.

10. I was super excited to stay up late yesterday night, and made it to a grand total of 10:43pm. Talk about lame. I also woke up feeling like I’d drank until 4am. Talk about even more lame.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, I also had a panic attack today that led to me being unable to move my arms. That. Was. Terrifying.

What did we learn from this? I need a new brain, and I need more coffee.


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