Saturday = Awesomeness.

You know how people get weekends off, and Saturday’s their favorite day of the week? Yeah, that’s not me. At least, not until now. Hubby and I used to work the restaurant industry together, way back when we first met, and Saturday’s the one day you are downright guaranteed to work through. Then, well, we got married, and, well, we got busy, and well, here we are.

Which brings me to today. I woke up to Biggest, and after about 5 minutes of blearily trying to tune out my alarm (which ended up being Biggest asking to snuggle repeatedly for about 5 minutes, he’s apparently quite patient when he wants to be), I finally swam through the haze long enough to groan that he could climb into my bed. He promptly did. Of course, I always forget (don’t know how) that snuggles also mean that all 402 of his critters, blankets, and other paraphernalia come with him. So once we had endured the various proddings and pokings of several trips, he finally snuggles down.

I’m awake now.

I managed to get my eyes open, and the scene that was spread out before me was hilarious. The only thing that he actually brought was Gus-Gus and his pillow. I’m not entirely certain what all the trips were for, but it wasn’t for the usual. Not only that, he’s backwards. He’s managed to scrunch up most of my blankets, and is happily leaning back on his pillow, in between my husband and I, with his feet crossed on MY pillow. He’s also happily chattering at me, and from the haze surrounding my brain, I’m pretty sure he was doing so for at least 10 minutes.

And that was the start of my morning. It managed to stay that happy way through the rest of what my Saturday had to offer:

4 loads of laundry in 2 hours – I have discovered that if my laundry ratio is just right, the wash takes half an hour and so does the drier, and that discovery put my laundry on track even after I missed my other slot this week. Also, hubby made me my morning cup of coffee while I was switching loads.

Breakfast at my father-in-law’s restaurant – My Benny was just right, and so were the hashbrowns. They also kept my coffee cup full, which really goes a long way.

Naptime – Biggest slept a good 2 1/2 hours! (I actually got to read TWO chapters of my book, AND had a very nice conversation with someone I don’t normally get to chat with!)

Afternoon chores – Hubby and I got the rest of the house put to rights, including taking all the recycled boxes out. It’s so clean, in fact, that it almost looks like we didn’t move in a couple of weeks ago. At least until you get to my bedroom. But I’m enjoying the illusion.

Dinner – We had some family over, dinner was actually on time, and the children were bathed and in bed on their proper schedule for the first time in 3 weeks. That alone is miraculous.

And with that, I’m now off to bed, and very happily so.


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