Well, we finally got results back from Littlest’s gram-o-whatever. If you’d like the beginning of the story, it’s right here: Part 1 and Part 2. Ready?

It’s one of those good side/bad side coins. He doesn’t have any reflux up into his kidneys, which is great. Even with preventative antibiotics, there can still be scarring on the tubes, because really, let’s face it, pee shouldn’t be defying gravity. So that’s the good side of the coin, and I am relieved, because I didn’t like the idea of preventative antibiotics until he was a year old, nor did I like the idea of my brand new baby having permanent damage because of a little defiant urine. However, the bad side of the coin is that he’s got a partial blockage in one of them. Which really isn’t great either. That also means that we are now being referred to a children’s hospital 4 hours away for testing and further treatment. The testing will tell us whether he will outgrow the blockage, or whether he will need surgery to remove it.

I’ll be honest, I had an absolute panic attack. I’m super worried about getting there, and if we have an early morning appointment or a late afternoon appointment, it’s gonna mean an overnight stay. And since my husband is in school, I’ll either be going by myself (my own insistence, so he doesn’t get behind in his classes), or he’ll be collecting assignments and hoping he doesn’t get behind in his classes. It’s a bit of a pickle, and I don’t know how to solve it.

** This still doesn’t make me change my mind about owning a car, as we have neither the regular need nor the funds for gas and insurance.

In other news, I managed to bake bread and cookies today. They’re delicious. I have also had a puzzle thrown at me, and apparently the water to our building got turned off for some pipe work. With that in mind, I am really glad I wasn’t trying to do bottles in the middle of it. Biggest hasn’t figured out that his ears are supposed to be for listening, so apparently when I tell him not to flush (because the water’s off), it means he chants “don’t flush, don’t flush” while he’s in the middle of doing just that.

Now I’m off for some lunch, and maybe a nap.


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