"Back" to the Grind.

Well, after a day and a half of laying flat on my spine, I’m back. Pun intended. Hubby was nice enough to take a day off from school so I could do just that. It really wasn’t that fun, however, I do feel slightly more rested. Also, the floor is a very hard place to sleep. And lonely. But that’s beside the point.

I wish that I had something more interesting to say, but staring at the ceiling doesn’t really provide much blog fodder. I did get to catch up on my book series (Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan), and I did get up to have a bath, but that was about it. I also came to the conclusion that it was pointless to continue sterilizing bottles if Littlest was trying to eat the carpet. Can’t get more germy than that.

It seems like poop is the ultimate discussion of parents, and in fact, one of my very good friends and I regularly try to see how long we can go without ending up at that topic. On that note, I made it 2 paragraphs, for today, I found yet another reason to hate my current diaper brand. I haven’t used it very often, I usually prefer a different brand, but this box was huge and on sale, and I needed cheap. I think it was on sale because it doesn’t hold poop. At all. Littlest managed to have a blowout sideways and backwards. Seriously. It wasn’t even that bad of a poop. Note to self: cheap diapers are cheap for a reason.

In other news, I am staring at an adorable sleeping baby, who apparently decided that he was going to skip the sweet potatoes tonight and fall asleep on his floor blanket. Thumb seemed to be the main course of the evening. He’s also become extremely attached to his “Faffe”, so named by Biggest, as that is how he says Giraffe. Biggest is always asking if JJ wants to “snuggle faffe?”, gets me every time. On the Biggest end of things, he’s discovered, rather belatedly (and so much so that I thought maybe I’d skipped a step), screaming tantrums. It’s enough to wake the dead. He doesn’t get away with it, but in answer to our discipline, he does what he’s told while screaming at the top of his lungs. I’m hoping it’ll pass soon.

And with that, I’m going to await my long lost bestie for a long overdue games night. And I’m not going to do bottles!


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