And oh what a day it was…

Well, today started out like a normal Saturday.

… actually, no it didn’t.

It started out with me waking up four times to Littlest randomly screaming in pain.

Littlest: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *Fed*
Mommy: ZzzzzZzzzzZzzz
… 45 minutes later:
Littlest: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *Rock*
Mommy: ZzzzZzzzZzzz
Biggest: Mommy, sheet wet. *change sheet*
Mommy: ZzzzZzzzzZzzzz
Littlest: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Mommy: Fiiiiiiiine, I’m up…

I then realized that it was likely that we were due for another UTI, since everytime he screamed, his diaper would get warm. I also realized that we had no quarters for laundry, and Biggest had his first accident in forever.

Fast forward to me running in the rain to get quarters from the corner store.

I return. Wet. Secure a ride from my dearest Daddy Bear (in exchange for a free morning caffeine fix bought by yours truly).

I do laundry, pay rent, call the nurse’s hotline to see what the etiquette was like for skipping straight to the hospital catheter department. We’re a go.

So… off Littlest and I go. Once at the emergency department, we get checked in and get settled down to wait…

…4 hours later and we can leave. Littlest has had a tube up the front, a Tylenol suppository up the back, a needle in his arm, a needle in his ankle, I’m covered in puke and we both feel like crying. But the good news is: no UTI. Also, I was given a copy of the official report from his test results, and apparently I got it backwards. Rather than the blocked tube being up north, it’s a valve that’s too small down south. Which makes a lot more sense as to why I have to go a few towns away to the kids hospital, since a too small valve really would need a pediatric specialist to discern the worthiness of surgery. I did, however, feel rather embarrassed, since I was trying to explain what was going on and the doctor looked at me and tried not to laugh. But then, I usually feel like that going to emergency. Anyhow…

Instead, he has a virus (which in retrospect I vaguely remember hearing about a couple of weeks ago), that includes poop, cramps, fever, loss of appetite, and general unwellness. At least I don’t have to worry about antibiotics.

Poor kid.

I’m gonna go to bed now, I am sincerely hoping it’s not gonna be a long night.


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