Oh the sickness…

Poor Littlest. This virus is just nasty. Poop, lots of it, fever, loss of appetite, intestinal cramping, the whole nine yards. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s got a tooth coming in too.

So originally I was going to do a bit of laundry catchup, read a book, do some dishes, and relax for the day, but after seeing his condition this morning, I took Biggest out for a rain walk to get some pediatric electrolyte solution. Note to self: hubby is far more in tune to the weather than I am. I took a non-rain jacket because I glanced outside, and it didn’t look like it was raining. By the time I got 2 blocks, we were both soaked. Biggest was quite happy about it though, and since the store was close to Grammy’s, I thought I’d pick up the solution and say hello, to make the excursion a bit more grand, as Biggest has missed me with how busy I’ve been this week. Yep, that was the plan.

That didn’t go so well. I went to go get it, and I read the back label to see the dosage as to how much I should get and… “consult a physician for children under 2 years.” Great. On top of that, the pharmacy wasn’t open yet, so I couldn’t ask a pharmacist like I usually do. So we went to Grammy’s and I called the nurse’s hotline to see if I could speak to someone about it. Guess what? They don’t have anyone available during the day, because you can go see/call a pharmacist. So… We went to the other store, Grammy and Pappy ended up coming along with his auntie, and we made an adventure out of it. But not before I got all stealthy-like and stuffed my clothes in my Mommy’s drier. She also fed me. True story. Anyway, I did get to talk to someone, told them the situation, and they happily explained how to use the stuff. I was extremely glad not to have to take Littlest on another potential 3 hour excursion to the walk-in clinic just to get a dosage.

In retrospect, it was complicated enough that I can see why they said to consult a physician.

We puddle jumped on the way home.

We came in to an incredibly miserable Littlest! He doesn’t have as bad of a fever today, but he’s positively sad, and if he’s not in someone’s arms, he screams. He did settle down a little bit after we switched over to the electrolyte. Think of it as an infant’s version of soup, and grape flavoured instead of chicken. Yum?

He cried most of the afternoon. We ended up breaking out the swing that we’d just put away so he could at least have the vibration function after my arms stopped working. Even found the power plug since it ran out of batteries. Life is looking up.

HA! The power went out. Seriously. Note to self: stock up on some candles. Wind up flashlights, while useful, get frustrating after the second dark hour. So, no swing, except for the vibrate part. Biggest finished his bath in the dark. And I looked out the window to find out that our building is on its own special little power grid, because the building next to us, has ALL it’s lights on. All the houses behind us have ALL their lights on. Good news though! I was 15 minutes away from using my hard earned coins for the washing machine downstairs. That would have been a bummer.

So my evening consisted of a nap, and Battleship, and a game of Life that we had just finished setting up when the power came back on.

Oh, and Littlest is currently passed out in the unmoving swing.

I’m going to bed now.

PS: My mom came and rescued my laundry, and also brought a surprise pack of diapers and wipes. She’s bringing back the clean laundry tomorrow. I am so glad that her particular “Mommy model” belongs to me!


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