More Changes

Well, first of all, this is kind of turning into a Mom blog. I’ve done my research, and apparently all the cool Mom blogs also have birth stories. I tried to resist, but the tantalizing aroma of cool-dom was too great, and I put Biggest and Littlest’s birth stories under “The Very, Very, Very Start” page.

And back to the daily bits.

Today was kind of well, today. I had high hopes, of course, but like many times, those hopes were unpleasantly dashed. Littlest slept all night, which was wonderful. Biggest didn’t have too many tantrums. I considered it reasonable. However, I kind of got stuck in a book, and instead of getting all the vacuuming done, and the righting of the rest of the house (it looks kinda like it blew up thanks to the virus), and the bedroom organized, I got to chapter 4. Which is exciting, if you’re me and in the middle of the Wheel of Time series (by Robert Jordan, check it out if you like fantasy, it’s incredibly well written).

However, I have a bit of a problem. I hint too much. One of the kiddos in our neighbourhood stopped by to see if he could play and I didn’t say no. I should have, as I was on my way for a nap, and in no shape (read: no shower, pajamas, etc.) for guests, but I didn’t.

When he left, it was supper time. I voted for a shower instead of a nap, and decided rather than attack the rest of the house, I’d start in my closet. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. It just happened that way, and the closet is the last part of the house that hasn’t been unpacked.

I then got tired because I didn’t start until 5, and well, I had some Sour Puss, and some gingerale, and some random Facebook surfing. And I wrote out both littles birth stories.

I’ll try again tomorrow. Mainly because I’m stepping on crumbs, and it smells like sick diaper.


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