Chocolate Brownie Pie.

And other things of course, but mainly: Chocolate Brownie Pie. Which I’ll get to in a minute. (If you can’t eat gluten, or chocolate, or sugar, then I sincerely apologize, and you may want to skip this post entirely.)

So first, I got a me date. I got to go grocery shopping all by myself. It was kinda creepy, having my brain to myself. In fact, I’m pretty sure it echoed. It didn’t take too long for groceries, and I’m happy to say that I’m switching how I buy my groceries, and I felt ridiculously pleased that the only processed food I picked up was stuff that I’d have a really hard time making myself… like rice crisps. And crackers. And oyster sauce. Other than that, it was all stuff that I can bake/cook at home. I also shopped local, which is easier than I expected thanks to our new location. We’re a lot closer to the little hometown markets than our previous address. I cannot wait to make dinner, as I got several different choices at the local butchers. Pork tenderloin end chops, local bacon, and local new york steaks, to name a few. Even better that my entire meat purchase ended at $40. The steaks alone would have cost me $15 at the grocery store, with significantly reduced quality. My last stop was for formula, and I’m glad I went, as I almost skipped it with the intention of coming back later. Why? Because the store I went to had my formula on sale, 50% off, plus a $1 off coupon for each of them. I cleared them out. My arms didn’t appreciate it by the time I got home, but my pocketbook did!

And now, back to Chocolate Brownie Pie. We didn’t have shortening, so we were thinking of how to make a decent crust without it (all the best ones I’ve tasted use shortening for the light, flaky texture). What about graham crust? Nope. No ingredients. So, we got creative. And ended up making brownies, waiting until they cooled, and shaping the cooled brownies into a crust. Add chocolate cream filling, and presto! One delicious pie. You can head over to the Old-Fashioned Gnome Cooking page, and find the recipe there. I will, at a later date, post my mom’s homemade chocolate cream filling, but for now, you can use the brownie recipe, and fill it with whatever you choose. (I used a mix this time).

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m gonna go pig out.


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