Listen Gone.

So, I was gonna do this post on 2 things I’m most defiant on, but I decided against it. Why? Because doing so would counteract Project 25. See, originally, I figured that admitting my two most controversial standpoints would be very unapologetic, but I realized that by doing so, I would be succumbing to my own desire to be acknowledged. So as much as I wanted to, I’m going to leave it. After all, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks. So… (that almost turned into a sorry!)

We had Littlest’s appointment this morning, and I’m able to understand his bladder issue thanks to a bunch of questions I asked his doctor. Basically, it boils down to him having a valve that’s not normally there that builds a bunch of pressure up (it’s between his bladder and, as my doc puts it, the world.) and the procedure is just removing the tissue. Which is simple. The only reason we’re being referred to the out-of-town children’s hospital is because it’s such a tiny tube that they have to operate on. *phew* His weight is stabilizing. He’s still on the tiny side, but his weight gain is still close to a steady curve, therefore it’s no longer a worry. My doc also addressed my concern that Littlest only eats a very specific (small) amount of formula and nothing further after that. His words: “milk is good for babies, but if they won’t drink milk, food is good for babies”. So, along with the admonishment to make sure that the milk he does drink doesn’t diminish, I am free to add more solids to his diet. I was quite uncertain about that, as generally children need to be stable on milk first. All in all, an excellent appointment.

Followed by a visit to my bestest best pal, with the adorable discovery that our children have discovered how to play happily with each other. So happily in fact, that we heard hide nor hair of them until we had to go. Upon which we had Biggest say to Child: “Bye Child” with a wave, and Child say to Biggest in return: “Bye Biggest” with a wave. It was enough to melt my heart.

I also was able to spend some time with my mom today, enjoyed a cup of coffee and a visit to our little kid store that we love so much… and a thoughtful gift from the owner in the form of a winter coat that she had taken off the rack for whatever reason. (It was just Littlest’s size). I also happened to arrive home to my lovely sister-in-law’s surprise, that being a whole swack of adorable Littlest clothings, including a monster sleeper, and several cute bodysuit/pant sets. Best part? I needed every last one of them. Super sweet!

And lastly, we come to Biggest’s sudden lack of ears. I’m pretty sure his hat ate them. Considering most of our conversations consist of him talking over me, and then getting a time out because he refuses to listen…
 It goes:
B: *random item* Gone.
Me: No, it’s not gone, but if you want to continue using it, you need to ______.
B:  *random item* Gone.
Me: No, it isn’t. Did you hear what I said?
B:  *random item* Gone.
Me: Are you listening to me?
B:  *random item* Gone.
Me: Where are your ears?
B:  *random item* Gone? (*gasp* It’s turned into a question.)
Me: It will be until you can listen.
B: Listen gone.
B: *random item* Gone?

Inner monologue: Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ears being eaten seems the only reasonable conclusion.

Until next time.


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