End Report.

This just in! Ear #2 has been found at last! The search continues for the culprit, however, recent reports suggest that Ear 2 is in good condition and is expected to make a quick and complete return to duty.

Evidence continues to pile in, and processing has found no further links. While the hunt is expected to continue for some time, parents of Biggest are now turning to reintegrating him into a happy, co-operative mental state.

End Report.
(Previous reports can be found here, here, and here, beginning with the original.)

So. We finally had a good day. I was able to finish unpacking our bedroom, and the kitchen is clean. The kitchen was quite an effort, as we had been ill over the weekend, and dishes weren’t a priority. All done now though. I was hoping to bake today, but that didn’t quite work out; I forgot to pull the butter out to soften. Tomorrow it is.

I also got to have tea with my mother, and she brought an old game with her, Pick Up Sticks to be precise. I had a blast, however, I must admit, her sewing hands had my click-happy fingers beat easily. Almost embarrassing, I’ll have to try harder next time.

Anyhow, I’m exhausted, and I still have an errand to run.

Until next time.


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