"Road Tripping With Small Children", Or "I’m About To Crap My Pants".

Well, thanksgiving is on the weekend, and I for one am looking forward to it. We get to make a special trip for a long overdue visit with extended family, and will be staying for a couple days. That is absolutely thrilling as I a) love road trips, and b) love road trips.

However, excited as I am, I’m also terrified. Not only do I have very little experience in road tripping (I love them but they’re difficult to co-ordinate), but I have zero experience in road tripping with small children. The last time I had the possibility of taking a road trip was last summer for my best friend’s wedding. I had just found out I was pregnant with Littlest, and hubby had agreed to take Biggest, as I was going to be gone for a whole week, and just before a wedding is unbelievably busy (and no place for trying to occupy a 1 1/2 year old). I was able to take the trip, but it was myself, my sister, and my mother only.

So. The big question is… What do I bring??? I’m hovering between “pack light, it’ll be fine”, and “bring everything in the entire house”. For Littlest, I have to pack bottles and supplies, plus 2 days worth of clothing and diapers, and toys. And the pack ‘n’ play. For Biggest, I have to pack 2 days worth of toys, clothing, and potty supplies (including clothing changes if potty goes south because everything’s new). While I highly doubt that it’d be a problem to borrow someone’s washer, or having to wash bottles more often than usual, I am suddenly, absolutely, and completely scared pantsless. Mainly because I don’t want to have 48 bags. As if that wasn’t enough to be worried about (it’s ridiculous I know!), I am also worried about the trip there, as the only image coming to mind is both my children screaming their heads off the entire way (and did I mention we’re carpooling?).

Despite all that, I feel as though I should point out that my excitement far outweighs my nervousness, and when I return I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will have immensely enjoyed myself, and will probably be making plans to do something similar soon. I trust that Biggest and Littlest will be handleable, that the bottles won’t be an issue, and Biggest will still be using the potty like a champ. I also trust that bedtime will still happen, as all children will sleep eventually, and neither child will be bored for very long because everything will be so new, they probably won’t even be aware that we left a fair amount of toys at home.

Now the only thing left to be worried about is making sure Biggest feels better before the weekend. Yes, he got a cold, he was even secretive about it to the point where I didn’t fully realize it until 5:00pm tonight. I thought he was a little bit off, but he had a long day yesterday and I thought he was just overtired. He didn’t even cry, he was just playing quieter than usual. Oh well, he’s got an awesome herbal remedy that seems to be working, Tylenol, and I removed his screen time limits for tomorrow, so he can spend most of the day curled up in my lap. Cozy day in our PJ’s? Count me in.

Until next time.


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