Newborn Nights

You know, I thought I’d left newborn nights (that is to say, sleeping at least more than an hour and a half in a stretch) behind. Apparently I was wrong. For the third night in a row, I was up 8 times… I am exhausted.

The first night I could forgive. Littlest woke up for a random 2am bottle, and Biggest woke up for a pee break around the same time. Add to that a pee break for myself, and another bottle for Littlest at 5am, and, well, there’s 4 right there. On top of that, I woke up about every hour or so sweating buckets, and I made the mistake of drinking coffee after supper, so the night was fitful. I could forget that, they happen every now and again, no big deal.

The second night, I was hoping I could make up for lost time, and sleep soundly. Lies. Seriously. Another 2 bottles for Littlest, although one of them was closer to 6am instead of 5am, but when you’re me, that’s still the middle of the night. Another random midnight bathroom run for me, and a whole bunch more tossing and turning (although no sweat buckets, thank heavens). I am now irritated and overtired, and extremely thankful that I only had Biggest and Littlest, and wonder to myself if those people who have 3 small children are crazy or superhuman. Despite that, I still managed to do what was needed, including the bathroom, bread, Littlest’s room, and some cookies. I was disappointed about the cookies though, they weren’t near as good as I was hoping.

Queue the third night. I went to bed at about 10:30, by 12:00am, Littlest was hungry again. Fed him. Went back to bed. Queue flare-up of stomach virus. Various trips to the bathroom happen for the next hour. I stopped counting at 4. Littlest is hungry again at 2am. I now ponder that elusive thing that seems to be a restful night’s sleep, and while feeding him yet another bottle, I wonder whether a) his new cereal is bothering him, b) he’s cutting a tooth, c) he’s on an extended growth spurt, or d) all of the above. I go back to bed. 2 hours later, another bathroom trip, this time by Biggest. And another bottle by Littlest around 6am.

Today didn’t go so well. I drowned myself in multiple cups of coffee, played zombies for half the morning, got a load of dishes done, and drowned myself in more coffee. I also had 2 naps. I’m still miserable. I am also dreading going to bed, even though I can’t see what I’m writing anymore.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow may be the end of the world as I know it.


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